Thursday, September 18, 2008

One Week to Miami

One week from today I will be in Miami baby!!! I'm so excited. I need this...bad. I'm also nervous about "accidentally" hooking up with Brian. Now that Island Prince is gone, I've been thinking about Brian more and more. I know, horrible right. I pushed everyone to the left for Island Prince. But if you seen Island Prince, you would have too!

So anyways, Brian and I talked about our trip to Miami. We kind of laid out some ground rules, i.e. you go to their room, don't bring anyone back to our room.

I told Mr. Henry about the trip and about Brian awhile ago. Big mistake, but I like to be honest with him. I like that about our relationship. He swears up and down that Brian and I are going to do the wild thing. He threw it up in my face a couple of times too. I assured him I didn't plan on it. He was like, "but you want to".

That may be true, but, I need to try to keep Brian in the "Just Friend's No Benefits" box. This will be hard though. He's sexy in a smart bad boy sort of way. Aside from his tattoos, nipple ring, and hard body, he rides a motorcycle. Classic sexiness. And he is smart, which is extremely sexy to me.

I'm going to try, really really hard, to keep my hands to myself, and to stay in my bed. I can't say the same for him, because well......I am hot and sexy!!!


Shawn Smith said...

Want always wins out over plans.


Hmmm, well I'll make sure it's on his end and not mine. I WANT to be a good girl!!!