Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The End of My Fun Filled Weekend (Part 3 of 3)


We were so tired from Friday, we could barely get it together. It rained all day, I had an event to do. I was cranky from lack of sleep, and I had to be around Mr. Henry. It's usually not a problem, but today it was. There's a huge contrast between his personality and Island Prince John's personality. (Island Prince John is more romantic, attentive, and sweet, Mr. Henry is edgy, crass, and a jokester...as well as a jerk a-hole sometimes) I didn't feel like dealing with Mr. Henry today.

As soon as Mr. Henry got into the truck, he was questioning P.O.W. about her stay thus far. She went to show him a picture, and he decided to keep the camera and scroll through all the pictures. I tried to get it back, but it was too late. He seen the catalogue of events from Friday with Island Prince and Willard. Me in my sexy, skimpy dress, me kissing Island Prince, the four of us looking cozy, Island Prince's hand on my thigh, waist, and everywhere else. Us having fun!

Mr. Henry became quiet.

So as the night progressed and we wrapped up our event, Mr. Henry was kind of back to normal.

I get a call from Island Prince.

I answer the phone.

We talk about what a great time we had, how he wants to see me again, how Willard misses P.O.W already. How Island Prince wants to hold me. How I want to see Island Prince. (Hmmm, I miss kissing him.)

Mr. Henry becomes quiet again. At this point I don't care. Yeah, I know Mr. Henry and I had fun on Monday together and we have a history....but it's always been a gray area. Never black and white. Never defined. Now he knows he has competition...hot, sexy, can't be matched right now competition!!!

Maybe he'll step up his game.

Mr. Henry opened a bottle of wine and consumed it (the whole bottle in less than 40 minutes) on our way back to the city. Since he rode with me, I had to drive to the Metro to drop him off.

At this point he's feeling loose and good from the wine; I can tell he wanted to come back to my place. He always comes up with an excuse and I usually oblige him. Not this time; there's no way I can put up with him. He'll drink more, then he'll try to DO me...and well, it just wasn't happening. After about 20 minutes of going back & forth trying to get him out the truck and trying to stop him from chatting with P.O.W. he finally gets out.

He's mad.

Oh well. He'll get over it.


P.O.W and I went out. I have a knack for meeting international men. I must have a secret florescent stamp on my forehead that only they can see. I don't have a problem with meeting International guys, I think they can be sexy and mysterious.

Although I must admit, I had a few bad experiences, with men from certain countries ...actually just one country... that made me leary and weary of International men for a long time...but I'm over it now (another blog about them another time).

So last night, I met this guy from Spain. Kinda cute, nice accent. Not as cute as Island Prince, but none-the-less, I was intrigued. He called me today. Were were supposed to go Salsa dancing but I'm still recovering from my fun, filled, french, sexy weekend....hmmm.

Maybe tomorrow.

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