Thursday, September 11, 2008

Different Beds

I like Island Prince John; despite the fact that I know it will never work due to distance and his baggage. What's a girl to do? I'm going to go see him on Friday. One last fun filled night before he returns home. I'm excited & sad at the same time. Ideally, I would love to visit him; but it's complicated. He's told me twice that he's not married, nor does he have a girlfriend. (I asked him twice for fear it was not understood).

But............drum roll please................his baby's mama lives with him!

So, after I picked my chin, jaw and face off the ground. I asked him more questions...uh...

Me: Why do you live with your baby's mama?

Island Prince: I want to see my baby

Me: How many bedrooms do you have?

Island Prince:Two, we don't sleep in the same bed

Me: Are you sure she's not your girlfriend?

Island Prince: Yes, we were just together. I wanted to break it off, then I found out she's pregnant.

Me: Do you love her?

Island Prince: I don't know

Me: What happened?

Island Prince: She was controlling, wouldn't let me do what I wanted. It wasn't good anymore


Island Prince: I haven't touched her since the baby was born, and 4 months before that

Me: You guys have a common bond now.

Island Prince: We will never be together

Me: (to myself, "Yeah right fool")

Side Note: (Mr. Henry & I lived together for 11 months. Although we didn't sleep in the same bed, we did a lot of horizontal dancing, another blog another time. So I'm pretty skeptical about the "not touching" each other comment, extremely skeptical)

After the inevitable conversation, we started talking about other relationships, traveling and music. I thought to myself, how he's on vacation, and thought about what I do when I'm on vacation. My last one to Jamaica was fun filled with plenty of nostalgic memories that I still smile about. I went with no intentions and got everything I wanted, plus some. So I decided that is what Island Prince was doing, having a fun filled vacation...I will do the same thing then...treat everyday like a vacation.


Shawn Smith said...

Let it end when he boards the plane.


That's my intention. No calling, texting, was fun while it lasted...

DaniB said...

Romance is always best in short doses LOL. Keep the memories BTW love your blog