Monday, June 8, 2009

Freaky Friday (Was There A Full Moon???)

“I only like two kinds of men, domestic and imported” - Mae West

I’ve said before how much I love men... all types. Well men (and some women) love me too! I had a pretty eventful Friday. I ended up hanging solo. P.A.T.T. backed out at the last minute & Brian went home for his daughter’s birthday, while other chick friends were out of town or missing in action.

Side Note: Pre-Brian and Post P.A.T.T. leaving for NY, I used to hang out quite often solo. Chick friends come up with so many excuses, i.e. “I’m cramping”, “My head hurts”, “I don’t have anything to wear” or my favorite “It’s raining”. So rather than sit at home and wait for someone to stop being wishy washy...I fly solo when needed, but I digress...

So anyways, Friday was... well here’s what happened.

5. I went to a Brazilian dance party in Adams Morgan. Tons of fun, and somehow, the island men always sniff me out. They assume I’m 1) from the islands and 2) don’t believe me when I tell them, I was homegrown in the any case, this island guy was Old. Caused me to have not so yummy flashbacks of the Old Man. After shaking him and his entourage loose, I bar hopped to my next spot...

4. Stumbled upon another bar with cool music. Chatted with people. Everyone that I meet when I’m solo, is in such “awe and amazement” that I have the balls (figuratively speaking) to go out solo (Diva style). Most of the girls say they wish they could do that, and the guys, just think it’s pretty cool, and give me cool points.

3. Went back to the Brazilian dance party...(the lead singer was cute...couldn’t help it)

2. After consuming my max on vodka & limes, I walked past a food spot that looked good. Stopped in and got a sandwich. As I’m sitting there this chick tells me how good my sandwich looks. Thinking nothing of it, I go on to adamantly exclaim, how it’s “sooooooo good”. Then she stairs at me a little longer:

Chick Girl: Yeah, you’re making that sandwich look soooo good

Me: (wiping the extra sandwich sauce from chin, cause it was messy) Yea, it’s really good, you should get one. It’s chicken

Chick Girl: (walks over to me, looks at sandwich) Yeah, it’s sexy. You’re making me hungry

Me: (I’m still eating)

Chick Girl: Can I have a bite?

Me: No

Chick Girl: (laughing) what’s in it? Are you alone?

I tell her. Her male friend/cousin/ whoever comes and intervenes (saves me) and talks to me. This isn’t the first time a chick girl has “flirted” with me. I wonder though, don’t gay men & lesbians have “Straight-dars”. I know I have a “Gay-dar” (Disclaimer: Sometimes it doesn’t function properly, you know, mistakes straight for gay & vice versa). In any case, I’m comfortable enough in my womanhood, where it didn’t bother me....but I have to wonder...what the hell was she thinking? Oh well...I guess I’m flattered men & women like me (I think)...

1. Tony and I talked on the phone all night Friday.


Tunde said...

i always wondered how gay women approach other women. like do they use the same methods, lines, etc. that a guy would use. now i have some insight. lol. that's mad strange though.

i go out sometimes solo if for instance all of my boys (and girls) decide they want to be homebodies. i don't really see anything wrong with it.


Actually nothing is strange in DC... I'm sure she knew I was straight... I still think it's the challenge that drives both men & women (no matter sex pref) to chase... and well some people are just big ole flirts...

I mastered flirting at an early it came in handy when I was a bartender in college!!!

Nelia said...

You would think the whole "going out solo" thing wouldn't cause awe and amazement in this day and age. Any diva worth her salt recognizes the value in a solo flight. Especially when married.

Dr. J said...

@ Tunde - I used to wonder the same thing I figured it out. It's not like guys, because the way we holla is just childish.

It's like a look. They look at a girl and maybe they'll smile, make eye contact. And then based on how the girl reacts they move forward with flirting more. But truth be told if you see a woman smiling at you and looking at you a certain way, you get the picture too. They do the same thing, and the funny thing is... WOMEN pick up on the subtle signs us men never pick up on.

It's freaking crazy.

Actually, bet... if you want first hand experience of this going down, go to Fly Lounge in Dupont Circle. That place is wired for lesbian connections.

Chaotically Calm said...

LMAO at the can I have a bite comment. Doesn't she know we're in a recession, you gotta get ya own food. Anyway I need to take a page from the Diva book and try flying solo. I'd probably have more fun to be honest sometimes my chick friends make up the stupidest excuses as to why they can't make it out and then complain they can't meet someone new. Of course you can't meet someone new if you holed up in the house all the damn time. Sorry I went on a tangent.

Gaydar is a skill to hone. I've gotten better over the years but it never hurts to have some inside scoop which is why I hang a lot with my gay husband besides he's more fun than the chicks sometimes.

Anonymous said...

straight-dar don't mean nothing. lol
that's probably more exciting to a homosexual.

i always party alone. i just make comrades at the club. lol bartender friends and what not.

Retromus-ik said...

I agree. I think its all about the challenge! Same reason some men become more interested once they know you're taken.

Brandon St. Randy said...

Wait, wait, wait, was she not cute or something? All them O problems you've been having, she might have been the solution. I mean she did want to eat your taco, err, I mean sandwich...


@ Neila.... yep (except I'm single & lovin it!!!)

@ Dr. J - you've studied this huh, lol

@ Chao - Yeah, it's liberating... at first it was weird, cause you'd see something you'd prob comment on to your buddy...and yes, the chick friends are not going to meet someone "new" at book club meetings and knitting class

@ MLM - co-sign. Bartenders are my best friends, LOL.... so is Vodka

@ Reto - Thanks for stopping by (& following) - yep, totally co-sign

@ Brandon - Uhhhh, I'm straight... did you not get the I LOVE MEN memo.... eeeewwwww. I don't want another chick near my sandwich, taco, or secret parts.... (no offense to any lesbians) just my pref.

I'll practice on my O alone, thank you....speaking of practice, I did look at the recommended porn sights... I think Porn is made for guys.... whole other blog post... but I agree with Tunde, re pornhub

True2me said...

first *high five* on going out SOLO

honey..I been doing that since love was DREAM..ya heard...

Kudos to that..I LOVE IT better sometimes...dudes buy you food AND drink all night..and dont even try to take you home, they figure you out alone, you prolly cool on the desperatism (understand that)

and yes..the friends and Rain i hate that

and if drunk enough I may hit on you...accept your cuteness :P (just joking..i know you skrait )

sounds like you had a cool nite, just stay safe when doing that

mr. nichols said...

@ Dr. J - i agree, it does seem to be some sort of look that just spells it all out without words. telepathy or something.

@retro - yes the challenge! i co-sign on that all the way.

Marty J. Christopher said...

That sounds like a fun Friday night! Is it wrong that when I read that sandwich/lesbian encounter, all I could think was, "Lay off the sandwich, lady!" Even if it were a man, it's a lame way to come on to someone. Get your own damn sandwich!