Monday, June 1, 2009

The Line-Up

Here’s a quick reference guide to guys in the past. As of June 24th, the guys I may make reference to are Tony, Brian, Mr. Henry or the Unmentionables... there’s not a MVP yet...

Akeem - Young, but cute...has a long ways to go UPDATE: We don’t talk anymore. Went on one date, sort of, texted/phone chatted a couple of times. That was it.

Benjamin - Old man. Met him in Jan. of 08. He just had a birthday which now makes him 56. He's older than my mom & dad... UPDATE: I finally, finally called it off, after a year of dating. I was never sexually attracted to him, although I enjoyed spending time with him. He had too many little Idiosyncrasies that annoyed, I really couldn’t see myself doing the horizontal sheet tango with him....ewwwww

Brian - Friend I have a slight to huge crush on, met in Feb/march of 08, but after spending a weekend in Miami together, I've determined that we will just be friends. I also went to Jamaica with him, and we go out almost every weekend together. UPDATE: I really, really do like him, but after a little more than a year of hanging with him, I never told him, because he’s a slutbucket and sleeps with a different chick almost every week. Despite that, he’s a good friend. He’s hot & sexy, rides a motorcycle, has his Master’s degree, good career, down to earth, takes care of his business, family, etc. etc. etc. We’ve never tangoed in between the sheets, but we’ve both seen each other naked, if that makes any sense

Carl - AKA "Cartoon Hands" - He's a newbie. I'm not into him. We don't seem compatible... UPDATE: Guy was freaking weird, not only were his hands something out of a horror movie, he sent me pictures of his Johnson, the first/second night we talked on the phone. I didn’t even ask him to. Nasty boy. Ran into him at the Metro station once. I only recognized him, because when he went to put my number in his phone, his hands screamed at me! I gave him a fake name and number the second time around...

Chris - New guy I met in August of 2008. We keep missing each other in terms of getting together. We don't talk anymore, but he still texts me on occasion. UPDATE: We had sex a couple of times, hung out sans sex a few times. Honestly there wasn’t any chemistry there. We talk from time to time. The last time I talked with him was in June.

Danny - Cute. Not a great conversationalist, but he loves to text! UPDATE: I don’t remember him

DJ - Spanish guy I met in 2008. Went on a few dates. Bad kisser. It never got beyond that... UPDATE: I never returned his calls

George - Cute Puerto Rican Papi Chulo, works in my building. Aspiring Reggae ton singer/rapper. Not quite clear on that! UPDATE: We see each other almost every morning. We’ve talked a couple of times about meeting up and he invited me to one of his shows, but we never followed through on anything

Island Prince John - I met him while he was here visiting his brother in September of 08. Hot sexy times. His brother kissed me.  UPDATE: He lives in Guadeloupe. He calls me about once a month. The boy could make a living being a model, but he’s a security guard. He told me the workers were having some kind of big strike there. I had to look it up, because his French was lost on me. He’s asked me to come visit him, but the tickets are ridiculous!!!! He said once I get there, I wouldn’t have to worry about anything though...

Jason - Friend/Co-worker - really nice guy, good head on his shoulders. Pretty cute.

John Q - Former co-worker I used to have a crush on! He's really cute, but I seen him outside of work a few times, and the verdict is out on that! UPDATE: Nothing there.

Latino Papi Alex - Cute. Salvadorian. We met earlier in 2008 at a bar I go to sometimes. Same place I met Old Man Benjamin! UPDATE: He texts me way too much, but never calls. We finally talked on the phone recently, he asks to come over to “chill”. I always come up with an excuse. We went on a date & it was cool, but I get tired of him texting me, 90% of the time I don’t respond....can’t get carpal tunnel.

Mr. Henry - Died October 17, 2008. Met him when I was in undergrad. We’ve known each other about 8/9 years, He moved out here a few years ago, we are great friends and fwb's. We have a pretty honest relationship UPDATE: Resurfaced around January, but he’s almost dead again. He has an ego problem when it comes to Brian. He’s never met him, but I’ve mentioned Brian in passing. The thing with Mr. H, is he’ll keep asking me about him, then when I tell him the truth he doesn’t believe me. We had sex recently, and it was short of amazing, but I also recently put him in the box

Security Guard (Terry)- He's not in the line-up, just a stalker!

Tony - Weird guy from the gym, met him in 2008. We recently reconnected or rather ran into each other twice in a short period UPDATE: Is on meds. He’s Bi-polar and crazy. Not a good combo. But the sex was fabulous. He’s an artist, so he really gets emotionally involved. We talk and text from time to time, and he’s asked to see me, and I did like hanging with him sometimes, but I can’t deal with his emotions. I haven’t seen him since March.

Unmentionables: Guys I met/meet but we never make it to the first date, or they are unworthy of mention. most notables are the new guy I went on a date with recently who was 30 minutes late. Well actually, I left, and then he called & tried to catch me. then there was the guy who got drunk on our date and I took him to his place and threw him the peace sign...let us not forget about the Tool I went to the movies with, who felt the need to explain to me why the sun is yellow and the sky is blue, and why vanilla ice cream taste the way it does...


The District's Buppie said...

I am in awe of how you are balancing this. Please please educate a sister. I get overwhelmed trying to balance more than 2!


Buppie - I have no clue, lol! No seriously, you just have to have fun & be open, if you feel like doing something with someone do it, if you don't, that's cool too.

Right now, I really haven't been doing much. I think I'm in chill mode