Monday, June 1, 2009

My Liver Probably Hates Me...But No Hangovers!

Before I give you the review of my week/weekend. I must be a good Diva & share my concoction for avoiding the hangover! Disclaimer: My concoction won’t protect you from Monsters, won’t stop you from giving your number out while you’re drunk, you'll probably still develop vodka goggles and it won’t help you remember how you ended up in an alley in Georgetown, squatting between two buildings, while your BFF was the lookout for....well you get the point.

Before you consume your first drink:

Take vitamin B-12, B-6 and or a Super B Complex. Actually, load up on any vitamins you have in your medicine cabinet. Can’t hurt. Then drink lots of water!

After you’ve consumed the max, if you can remember anything at this point:

Take some more vitamins, and two Tylenol PM. Promise you’ll wake up refreshed & ready for a repeat!!!

In the Morning, Post 7 vodka’s & limes:

Before you try to piece the events of the previous night together. Drink 8 ounces of hot lemon water to flush the toxins out. Then read your drunk text messages.

What do you do to avoid hangovers? Back with updates later!


Tunde said...

I also had a weekend consumed with alcohol and beer. No hangovers for me. Here is what i do. If you're in a club or lounge. Stop drinking at least one hour before you leave. Start drinking water. Drink two cups of water for every alcoholic beverage you consumed. When you get home drink half that amount. Sure you'll be pissing like a racehorse but you won't have a hangover in the morning. :-)

True2me said...

I pop an excedrin or 3 advil in the middle of my drinking or right before bed and I'm good

oh and I drink plenty of water

Mz Mami said...

I just don't drink (anymore)..

I know. I'm so boring...

Actually I'm good now with 1.5 tequila shots and that little bit of alcohol is not enough for a hangover.

Even when I used to drink a lot I never had hangovers. Well except when I drank anything sugary like alize or coolers (naturally). I think I just drank a lot of water too. And I ALWAYS woke up super early and super hungry..

CC said...

If this works I swear I'd be happy. Me and alcohol have a love hate relationship right now! Makes me six to my stomach after like 4 drinks then I wake up with nausua.


@ Tunde - Yeah, and as soon as you break that seal, there's no going back...

@ True2Me - I prefer Tylenol PM, but I'm sure I shouldn't be mixing sedatives & alcohol....atleast that's the warning on the label or something

@ Mz Mami - really??? 1.5 shots.... gosh, you could hang with me date. I stopped counting how many drinks I consume...You'd probably think I was an alcoholic after hanging with me for a night... I wish it only took a shot & a half for me....I'd save SO MUCH MONEY!

@ CC - It does.... your body loses vitamins & minerals, cause the alcohol zaps it all up, plus any water you have in your system... so you gotta prep it.

Try it out & let me know how it works for ya!!!

Disclaimer - I'm going to copyright my concotion!!!

Anonymous said...

You have this dringking thing down to a science LOL


True2me said...

i dont get hangovers really either

Im cutting back on my drinking going forward

Adventuresaurus Girl said...

Hmm, never thought about vitamins. Interesting idea!!

Anonymous said...

I drink a glass of wine once I get up in the morning. All a hangover is is your body craving more alcohol.

StarrBURST! said...

I just dance my ass off to sweat it back out and have some water. Most nights I'm the dang designated driver anyway!

Anonymous said...

i eat fatty foods, and I usually drink weak drinks like midori sours in between my usual heavier fare like cognacs etc, stay away from sodas in my liquor, and drink gatorade afterwards... and most importantly i know the cheap brands that give automatic hangovers and stay away from them.