Thursday, June 18, 2009

Something's In The Water....Again

Tonight was one of those RARE nights I decided to stay home and pretend I'm an adult. You know, taking care of business, bills, apartment, etc. (although I spent most of the night catching up on blogs!). But everyone & I mean EVERYONE either called or text to see if I wanted to hang out, or to ask me where they should hang out, or to see what I was doing:

Tony-Texted to say he was thinking about me

Mr. Henry - Sext Messages all day and flashbacks to Monday and this past weekend

Brian- Wanted to see what I was doing and after he found out I was staying in, decided to stay in too

PATT - Was at Stir and wanted to know if I wanted to join her

Guy Who Intervened A Few Weeks Ago, re sandwich chick - Called to see if we could get together

Latino Papi Alex- Texted to see where he could hang tonight and to see what I was up to. I told him to go to Pure Lounge for salsa & hip hop, then we chatted about meeting up soon.

Co-worker - Asked me at a work event today if I wanted to go salsa dancing tonight

Wow, when I decide to stay in and "chill", everyone wants to do something....classic. So for my blogger's/followers who live in the area & want something to do tomorrow, first if you haven't checked out the Eyespyz do so, then here's my short list for things to do....

Diva's Off Beaten Track of Things To Do:

Silverdocs - Film festival in Silver Spring

Buck Naked Bike Ride (courtesy of SBMinNOVA) - Saturday, 3pm ride nude & cover your jewels, slightly... (UPDATE, I'm late on this one!!! It passed)

The Artomatic - DC Free Arts Festival, featuring various works of art on display and for purchase

Salsa Congress - Watch salsa, learn salsa, dance salsa all weekend long!

And Now, On To The Watering Holes:

U-Street Neo-Vibes
Marvins - Cool, non-profit, granola eating, world peace crowd, who does things like Peace Corp, and tree hugging
Alero - Margarita & bar specials, cool meet the co-worker there after work vibe
Jin - $5.00 apps & drink specials 5:30 - 8:00
Pure - $1.00 drink specials from 6-9. Cool beats.
Bohemian Caverns - The name says it all, love the decor though. Sometimes they have cool live musical acts

K-Street Junkies (Party Vibes)
The Park
K-Street Lounge
The Eyebar (a block over)
Josephine's (a few blocks over)
The Shadow Room
Ozio's (on M Street)

Sports Bar Atmosphere:
The Rocketbar - Gallery Place Chinatown
Buffalo Billiards - Dupont Circle
Recessions - 18th & L downtown area
Penn Quarter Sports Bar - Near the Archives Metro Station
The Lucky Bar - You may not get lucky, but it's near a few strip clubs, so you can pretend (Connecticut Ave.)
The ESPN Zone - enough said.

Adams Morgan - So many Cool Places, Not Enough Hours In The Night
Bukom - West African food, live Reggae band
Left Bank - Had Brazilian night on Friday
Hookah bars - Enough said
Chloe - Young, college crowd that likes to dance
Columbia Station - Cool live jazz music
Havana Village - Sexy Salsa

My advice for Adams Morgan, just walk around & bar hop, you never know what you'll find. Over 50 bars (I think) in the area

That's my PSA for the year....if you live or have lived in the area, add to it? Where do you go?


Shawn Smith said...

Sis you are starting to sound like Eyespyz's secret new partner.

And the naked bike ride has passed...
we should have showed up on a tandem bike.


Thanks bro... Eyespyz def knows what's going on.... I tend to do the same thing over & over

Tunde said...

yeah thats usually how it is with me. when i decide to stay in, everyone wants to go out and do something. case in point, last night. i made it a point to stay home and work on this lesson plan. all my friends call me around 8 and tell me there are headed over to hooters then to this lounge. i stayed in though.

oh yeah eyespyz is the homie. we went to high school together.

True2me said...

LOL and I thought I went alot

thanks girlie

Dr. J said...

This post convinced me that everyone in DC, frequents the same places.

You forgot Lima, which is on K Street.

And don't sleep on Current and Fly on/off of Connecticut Ave.


@ Dr. J - Lima was the first one under K-street, I like Monday's there. I haven't been to Current, but Fly is always dead (well I've only been twice & it was dead both nights)

Also in that area Andalu (?) Sesto Senso, and the bar that was formerly Five... Rumors is around the corner, steps from Ozio's...

I've been trying to swith it up. I stay away from the Ibiza's, Fur's & Love's of the city...

Zanzibar is cool if you like the older crowd. The guys are too grabby sometimes though. Last time I went I almost smacked this guy...

True2me said...

dr j.

pretty much we go to the same places, the really good places dont need advertisement and prefer it that way. They get around by word of mouth

You just gotta find the right person to direct you

im tryin to pick a newer less popular but still cool place for the meet and greet lol


Remember this is my short list, there are tons of other places to frequent like Posh, Lounge 201, Modern, stuff on H-Street, etc...

Dr. J said...

You know what it is... I can't read.

I like Modern a lot, it's away from the scene and you're already in GTown when you want to go binge eat late night. I like Posh, I just think the drinks are excessively overpriced.

My bestest advice is to go to a lot of the places you named on a different night. I went to Josephine's on a Thursday and Saturday and I had the time of my life.