Monday, June 29, 2009

The Post You’ve Been Waiting On....The End Of Brian (1 of 2)

I promise, this is my last last post about Brian...well I don’t mean promise per se, but well I do. This past week was an emotional rollercoaster. Like I knew it was coming, but then again I didn’t. I really don’t know where to begin....

Wednesday Night - I hung with Brian and was irritated. Him and his roomy were getting on my nerves, I was PMS’ing, (damn mother nature) and was forced to face the fact, that I really couldn’t put my finger on why I was mad at him.

Thursday Night - Again we hung. I found out Saturday, that this was the night Brian was mad at me. I had no clue. I didn’t do anything differently, he tried to explain it to me, but well...*shrugs*

Saturday Night - I wanted to hang with him, I did, but I was so tired from my trip that I just crashed...

Sunday, now this is where shit gets interesting. I decided to be the sweet Diva, and to hold up part of my end of the bet we made a few months ago. I got a card, put half the bet money in there and a picture of us in Miami, I didn’t write any sappy comments, cause that’s not my style, but Brian appreciated it, and laughed at the fact that it was just half of our bargain. We started the night out in Georgetown at a bar, so things are good, conversation, drinks....and BAM, out of know where guess who was there??????. Brian pointed her out to me.

Brian: There’s your girl

Me: Who

Brian: Your girl, there in the see her

Me: Damn

Side Note: At this point, we still haven’t talked, and I never got around to sending that e-mail...until this morning (End side note)

I had no choice but to walk pass her. I stop we all say hi. She introduces us, then Brian & I head to the other side. Awkward...Brian said it was fake.

Brian: I take it you guys haven’t talked

Me: Yep

Brian: That was fake

Me: Why’d you have to go rain on my parade, I was cool until you pointed her out

Brian: You need to just tell her

Me: I will. I started the e-mail, I just didn’t finish it. I just don’t feel like dealing with it right now....but I will...

We stayed at the bar a little longer, then left and went to another bar (to be continued...)


Cheekie said...

"I was PMS’ing, (damn mother nature) and was forced to face the fact, that I really couldn’t put my finger on why I was mad at him."

Are you irritated and sad that he's leaving soon?


At that time I probably was, and I think I was irritated with him and his roomy...but I'm cool now...

True2me said...

ill comment when I hear the rest

your weekend sounded cool

Anonymous said...

that is so weird. yea i'm surprised i would of been all emotional and sappy. i'm getting sappy in my old age. i would have been like oh i'm really gonna miss hanging out with you and almost in tears. lol