Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Diva's Pre-Dirty Thirty List

Hmmm, gosh in less than 7 months, I'll be the big 3-0, the big "durty 30". I will admit, I've done a lot. A LOT. But I still want to be a little reckless (safely of course). Like what else can I do as a rebel diva? Well here's what I've done thus far....

10. Went to a nude beach...nothing like walking around naked...

9. Entered a wet t-shirt contest two years ago....kinda funny, since I'm not "busty" at all. I won 2nd place....a bottle of rum!!!!

8. Did a little dance on the stage in Jamaica...and on the bar...

7. Lived in London for 4 months for a study abroad...sprung my ankle the 3rd night there...

6. Had a mud bath...literally sat in a tub of mud in California with P.A.T.T., we felt kinda weird...

5. Entered a pj contest, for most "virginal" pj's...two years in a row...

4. Had sex in the parking lot of a Meijers in my truck....Meijer's is like the super Wal-mart of the north Mid-west

3. Karaoke...that was pretty horrid, seeing as I can't sing...

2. Traveled

1. A lot more that wouldn't fit in this

So I guess I need to make a list of things to do, before I turn 30??? Less than 7 and counting. What do you want to do that you haven't done???


BlkBond said...

1. I need to make a million. yesterday.

2. I need to get it in on the French Riviera (monte carlo, monaco, etc.)

3. I need to speak a second language.

4. I want to learn a martial art--wing chun is looking like the winner.

5. I need to ski without a chaperone.

6. I want to sky dive dammit (Black people are NOT with it)

7. I need to join the mile high club--I'm slippin', I feel like an L-7 for that one.

8. I need to make it out to the Hampton's to see if it's like that. IB's pulling together 4k a piece for a cottage just to get it in, I mean, really? Is it like that?

9. Dubai. nuff said.

10. I need to go to a world cup game.

that is all...for now.

Bond. BlkBond.

Anonymous said...

well since i have 2 years i have time to think about those things to do before 30. blink blink


@ Blk Bond... I'm with you on that.... I forgot to add, I flew a Cessna 172, a low wing & a high wing... yes, I flew it 30 minutes!!!

@ MLM - Are you trying to rub it in, LOL...

Cheekie said...

"3. Karaoke...that was pretty horrid, seeing as I can't sing..."

I think singing bad is the point and makes it a helluva lot more fun. ;)

List o' things to do I haven't done yet:

1. Go to Egypt. I've been obsessed with it since 4th grade and it's my lifelong dream to visit.

2. Sky Dive. I ALMOST signed up for it in college but clucked like a chicken if ya know what I mean. lol

3. Speak Italian fluently. I took it in college and really loved it. It's a beautiful language. I'd like to take it up again since after time, I've gotten rusty. Rosetta Stone maybe? lol

4. Sell a screenplay. My ultimate dream and I'd probably piss myself from glee.

5. Win an Oscar from screenwriting. It's my wet dream to appear on late night talk shows, have who I'm wearing analyzed by the Joan Rivers of the world at the telecast, schmooze with my Hollyweird peers, and have my name called out as I jump from surprise from not expecting to win. The whole nine.

Reign said...

That is an awesome list... damn, now I see why people think I'm an innocent goody two shoes. I can top MLM, I have four years till the big 3-0. Good idea, need to get started on that list... my first 5...
1. definitely wouldn't mind a nude beach, that's a good one.
2. europe is def on the list
3. finally open my own clothing store
4. snowboard
5. and i'm with BlkBond... i want to skydive

you all have great lists! this should get me started lol

DynamicDiva said...

Wow I'm impressed by your list you've done a lot. I'll be turning the Dirty 30 next year and am planning to rent a house in the Dominican Republic with a bunch of girlfriends.

Here's my short list:
1. Learn Spanish
2. Shoot a Gun
3. Write a complete business plan (planning to start a business in the next 5-7 years)
4. Go Parasailing
5. Go to Mardi Gras and get a lot of beads.

Tunde said...

i still have a little over 2 years before i hit 30.

things i want to do though:

~backpack through europe
~write a book

i used to want to get married and have kids before 30. i don't think thats going to happen.

Nelia said...

7 months. Hmmmm.

1. Randomly select a last minute flight for a weekend mini-break.

2. Audition (play, commercial, band, it doesn't matter)

3. Visit strip club and pay stripper for a on stage tutorial.

I haven't yet pulled my gumption together for a nude beach. Well done.

Chaotically Calm said...

Before 30, let me see

1. ski dive is up there my damn friends don't wanna go

2. speak Spanish fluently

3. write a book

This list seems very do-able.

True2me said...

I learned not to put a time limit on doing things..but you got a good list

I could better tell you what I have done before 30 that lots havent

1. Gotten married
2. Had kids
3. was a housewife (aka didn't work for 3 years)
4. Danced on bar at coyote ugly
5. Traveled to the west coast
6. Traveled out of the country
7. Went to college(U'd be amazed at how many people I know didn't)
8. Karaoke

I still want to go to the National harbor at Cadillac Ranch and ride the bull

I still have to finish my book

Start my damn company (whatever that may be)

Live Money worry free :)

but time limit on that

I'm already 30 soooooo

K. Michel said...

Quite the life there, babe.

1. Publish a novel... I should've done that by now.

2. Go to Medical School.

3. Vacation in Italy.

4. Write in, at least, five languages fluently.

5. Visit the Playboy Mansion... just to see what it's like.

6. Attend a party thrown by Magic Johnson.

7. Be interviewed by Oprah.

8. Own a franchise (business).

9. Give back to the schools, libraries, parks and museums of my community.

10. Stay in good health, and keep my boyishly good looks.

Journey to my soul said...

Hey, been a while...back now :)

So catching up with your posts..I wouldnt assume you were 30...opps I mean about to be 30, from the way you write. isnt there a quote like 30 is the new 20? Sounds like the saying applies to you.

I think before I am 30, I want to visit Brazil, and somewhere in Asia. Fortunately i do have a nicely packed passport with stamps. ;) but traveling is one of life's gifts so I desire to do more of it.

By 30...
own a business. Tired of working for the man

Be rich

Go to Miami...I know I know..i never been.

jump out of a plane

Learn how to swim.

Have a quintriplesome...maybe in miami lol

Mz Mami said...

Oh I love lists. These are all good lists..Why does everyone want to go skydiving? This is what I want/need to do before the big
3-0 (more will obviously be added as the years go by) ...

Pay off my last credit card


Pay off my student loan

Get sexy lol (work out and keep at it)

Go back to school n finish

Snowboard a black run

@reign -I want to do nude beaching too..mostly to get rid of any tanlines -never been and don't want to go to a tanning salon..

Buy a place downtown near the beach (even if it's just a studio)

Travel every year with my daughter somewhere new when she turns 5

Get a boob job ha I may change my mind but seriously, surprisingly, having a child has absolutely deflated my chest...

Don't Be a Slut said...

I'm impressed that you went to a nude beach. I think that would give me the willies.