Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Date: Blow By Blow

Ok, before I go into detail about last night, let me get a couple of disclaimers out the way.

Disclaimer 1 - I’m not that patient, hence the reason why I don’t think I’ll have kids
Disclaimer 2 - Time is money
Disclaimer 3 - I was tired

If you recall, I tried to cancel my date yesterday. I kinda foresaw that it really wasn’t a good day to go on a date. Side Bar: The Mr. Henry romps Monday night had little to do with it. In any case here’s the timeline of unfortunate events:

2:47pm: I send date a text asking him to cancel

3:32pm: He sends me one back, checking to see if everything is ok

3:33pm: I tell him it is, but I have something to do, and wouldn’t be able to do a date until 8 (Here’s where I F’d up.)

3:34pm: He says that’s cool, he’ll see me at the spot at 8pm

4:00pm: I think to myself, what a lame I am cause I don’t wanna go on a date. Then I suck it up & get ready to hit my event and go on the date I don’t wanna go on.

6:00pm: Brian calls me to see what I’m doing. I tell him I have an event to attend, then I am going on a date afterwards.

7:50pm: On U street looking for parking...(f*ck)

8:03pm: Make it to the bar. Text date to let him know I’m there

8:04pm: He texts me back and says he’s running 10 minutes late

I order wine, sit in the damn near empty bar with nothing to do. The clock is ticking. I’m bored. Tired. I keep looking at cell. Ten minutes pass and no call. So in my head, I’m thinking I’ll give him till 8:30pm to call or get there. 8:27 still nothing. (F this) I close my tab out & exit the bar at exactly 8:30. As soon, and I mean as soon as I pull out from my parking spot, he tells me he’s there, in front waiting on me. WTF? I tell him it’s been 30 minutes and I left. Then the following convo ensues:

Date: I’mmmm sooo sorry. I was looking for parking and left work later than I anticipated. Please let me make it up to you.

Me: I’m on 14th & N (6 blocks away) now. You took too long

Date: I’m sorry. Let me meet you there.

He meets me, we decide to find a bar & have a drink, but end up driving around, avoiding the parking meter nazi’s. Finally, I’m done with it and tell him we’ll do it another time. Date ends at 9:01pm. I call Brian and we end up going out to a bar on K Street.

About The Date: He’s a good looking guy, well put together, amazing background, respectful...he just operates on CP time, and after about 10 minutes, my self diagnosed A.D.D. kicks in... he’s got 2.5 strikes though. 3 strikes you’re out. He's going out of town for work this weekend, so we said we’ll give it a go next week...I’ll see if I’m up to it.


Chaotically Calm said...

Diva it was doomed from the start wasn't it? Anywho I hate CP time...nothing infuriates me more than someone who's late. But like so many people I know Mailroom Boy included operate under the CP model. Why why you said time is money.

I do like how you snuck in time with Brian, ha ha!

Lingering question: What's the likelihood you will go out with said date again when he's back from his work trip?

True2me said...

did you have any chemistry while in his presence?

Im sooo looking forward to happy hour next week, i'll be kid free

who hoo

tell me where to go


@Chao - Brian is out in officially 8 days...
Uh, well he's got 2.5 strikes. He wasn't as bad as the two recent Tools, so I'll give him 1 more chance to redeem himself (depends on the day & my mood though)

@ True - ehhh. not really.

There are so many places to go, depends on what you are looking for. You got Zanzibar with the semi-old folks, Ozio's with the cigar guys, Marvins on U with the buppie crowd then your typical spots...

Tunde said...

damn that sucks. i really hate to have my time wasted as well. i'm usually always make it a point to be punctual. to be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late and to be late don't even show up.

Nelia said...

You did good. It would have taken me, at the very least, a few days just to take his call.

True2me said...

Thanks DC Diva

I'll just do like I used to, try and see if I like it

Journey to my soul said...

yo, to be honest. I go to U street often and if you dont know where to park or arent lucky enough, you wont find parking. I hate that and thats why i hate going there.

Now about CP time. You cant call it CP time unless its happens often. I mean sometimes things happen. Allow him to make it up to you. If he still sucks and doesnt seem to learn, then give him the cut, but from what you say, he sounds decent. So if him being late is all you got against him, i think you should give it a shot.

Brandon St. Randy said...

This is why the smart gentleman always adds $15 to the date budget for parking.


@ Journey - First impressions are a bitch. I allowed myself enough time to get my stuff taken care of, and to find parking. The biggest thing that bothered me, is after he initially told me he was gonna be 10 minutes late, he never called back, to give me an update. So basically after not hearing from him for almost 30 minutes, I decided to leave...

I'll give him another shot, but trust me, it's the last. I have better things to do...hence I did

@Brandon - co-sign on that, theres always a cab & metro too... we live in DC...people know what to expect.

fervids_ls said...

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