Friday, April 3, 2009

Three Strikes, You're Out!

Ahhh. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice outside. In honor and in preparation of the soon to be here mini skirt weather, I went running twice this week! That’s two times more than I’ve been in the last month. I also walked five miles on Monday, and plan on doing something else, to replace my former exercise of burning calories horizontally! (It’s been a minute!)

So quick update on the fellas:

Tony & Old Man - Still haven’t talked to them!!! A few people thought they wouldn’t go down easy (I won’t call you out POW!), but surprisingly, neither one has called!

Mr. Henry - Came through for me this week! About damn time. Although I had to hear him rub it in, I’m happy, I called on him to help me. Last weekend he tried to get me to come over to play “doctor meet the new nurse”, but I’m happy I didn’t give in. It’s easy to say no, when someone doesn’t do it for you anymore...real easy.

Brian (is on strike 1) -He texted me on Sunday, thereby, making entry into the silver book again. I’ve been thinking about it a lot and I really feel like he wasn’t trying to get me to come over to play tag team with him and his roommate. His roommate tried to talk to me that night, I ignored him, then I think he asked Brian to see if I would come over. Maybe I’m thinking with my rose colored glasses today, but, Brian hasn’t crossed that line before, and I never gave him any indications that I’m down with sharing....Like I said before he has had plenty of opportunities to try, especially on all those nights we leave the bar three sheets to the, I’m going to keep my eyes & ears opened...if it happens again, I will definitely say something...

Terry the Security Guard - I’ve been avoiding him. Taking the stairs when I can, getting off one floor before I reach the lobby. He caught me one day!

Terry - Hey, how have you been, I haven’t seen you

Me - Good, busy

Terry - I got a new phone, that’s why I haven’t called you. Can I get your number again?

Me - (inching my way out the building) - I’ll be right back...

That was Wednesday. This morning I forgot I was avoiding him like the Bubonic Plague, he cornered me again.

Terry- I haven’t seen you since you said you’ll be back, so it’s like that?

Me - (getting on the elevator) - No, not at all, bye!


BlkBond said...

The old man needs to go down fa' sho! I'm so anti-old man it's crazy. He seems like he'd be corny even if he was young.
Terry the security guard reminds me of Otis from Martin, "Watchouttherenow!" LMAO!!
I picture you with your back pressed against the wall sliding into the elevator like avoiding a snake that's loose. Comedy.

Tunde said...

lol. at the interactions with the security guard. i'm weak.

Cheekie said...

*DEAD* @ "No, not at all, bye!". LMAO...poor security guard.

Ran said...

Lol!! I agree with the previous comment about the security guard.

Nice blog...come visit mine sometime:o)


I'm going to lose weight trying to avaoid the security guard. The steps are getting some great use!!!

Thanks for visiting Ran!

Anonymous said...

Screeaamm! @ the security guard!
Why did you have to call me out like that. I'm speaking from experience LOL