Monday, April 13, 2009

Side Dish or Main Course?

I don’t even know where to begin. Ok, so last week, Brian was out of town. Great, right? I’d be able to catch-up on stuff, relax, stay in the house. Chill-out. Maybe catch a movie or something....yeah right! Everyday with the exception of one day, I was doing something.

Monday: Drinks & watching the NCAA game at a lounge
Tuesday: Speed Dating (no luck with that)
Wednesday: Nothing
Thursday: Happy Hour & helping my friend with an event afterwards
Friday: Dating Event & Club
Saturday: Three Bars/Clubs
Sunday: Brunch with Friends

Not to mention, throw in phone conversations here and there, and laundry...I was quite busy! In total, I met seven guys (including Danny & George), of which four already called. Operation Replace Brian, i.e. Operation New Guy is not going too bad. Out of the seven, there is one, thus far who has the most potential.

In Other News:

So Brian went home last week and to Vegas. There were a few times when I wanted to text him something funny that happened, but stopped myself...I missed him. I guess this weekend was a glimpse into what it will be like when he moves. The funny thing is, when I thought about it...before he left, we spent the last three/four weekends together. Then I really started to think about it...I only spend my weekends with guys I like or people I don’t mind being around. I ALMOST NEVER spent a Friday or Saturday night hanging with the Old Man, Mr. Henry, or Tony...almost never.

Sundays, yes. Monday-Wednesday, no problem. Thursdays maybe. But I almost always spent my Friday or Saturday with Brian or hanging with friends...

Weekdays = Side Dish
Weekends = Main Course


Cheekie said...


That's all I gotta say. lol

Journey to my soul said...

yo.. I feel you. Weekends are precious. You only get two and a half days of em before you gotta return to work. I actually rather spend a friday or saturday night chilling with the homies, or going out, than 'caking it' with a date like we say in chicago. Unless that date is super fun. wheneever a girl would say "are you free friday night?" I would usually say "how bout brunch saturday?"

Reign said...

dang can i get one number period lol

but that sounds about right. your weekends are your free time to enjoy so you want to be around people you care about who make up happy. good luck, can't wait to hear about the new guy.


LOL @ Cheekie

@ Journey - Brunch??? You're good, I don't even offer that, I try to "sleep" in and recover from Friday & get ready for Saturday!

@ Reign - Well, Seven sounds good in theory, but after I narrowed it down to 4, I then have to divide by the % of quantum theory, and subtract crazy...and well, that leaves me with a possible! A slim possible...

Anonymous said...

anyways, you never know d.c. you never know. i agree with journey a bit the weekends are precious. right now it's rough for me b/c spending time during the week is like not really an option. so all i have is the weekend. so dang company or no company. either way my weekend goes too fast.