Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Operation New Guy: Day 1

"I went around the world and did seventeen guys in 2 and a half hours...beat that." - Diva

Really, it's not what you think! It was all in the name of my new Mission..."Operation Replace Brian"(ORB) before he leaves...get a new guy.

I went speed dating tonight, and it was actually fun. I mean of course it would be, because I have fun where-ever I go, but I was surprised. I went into it pretty optimistic, until I got the Memo that more guys were needed. Evidently, they got the Memo too, because there ended up being too many guys! And here I was, scared there were going to be too many ovaries in the room!!! The ratio of guys to women was way better than the club scene...

So overall, I give the atmosphere a 9.5, the organized staff a 9.5, and the ambiance a 10. The guys....well that's another story. I opted to go with one that had an "International" theme. Apparently, not anyone that was really "International" got the Memo. Or maybe everyone else wanted something "different" too. I met guys from Egypt, Uzbekistan, South Korea, and the other 14...pretty much home grown.

Out of the seventeen guys, there were two & a possible. I mean really, when you have four minutes to determine whether or not you want to give someone a chance, you don't have much to go on, so I will confess, my criteria was pretty much based on looks, and attraction. And I said two & a possible, I might be able to squeeze two more, so five tops!

Would I do it again...yes, it was fun, something different...and lets face's Tuesday...I didn't have anything to lose!

All in a days work!


Tunde said...

i'm glad you had fun during speed dating. i don't think thats something i could have the nerve to try. maybe. lol.

i'm glad you decided to try the international theme. a lot of people limit themselves in that way.


I opted for the "International" theme, so
a) it would decrease my chance of me running into someone I know (DC is small like that!)

b) I don't believe in limiting my dating pool!

Overall, I'd do it should do it Tunde, you'll have the ladies eating out the palm of your hand ;)

Journey to my soul said...

Speed Dating, I hear its pretty interesting. I have never been though. So how do you actually link up with the ones you you exchange numbers after the 4 minutes?


Well this one gave us a sheet, on one side you write the name & number of the person & check the box that says you’re interested, on the other side you take note for yourself. At the end of the night, you turn your list in and keep your notes. if someone that you are interested in, checked they were interested in you as well, it’s a match.

The company is supposed to e-mail you with the information/ your matches.

Some people do exchange info right away though. This guy gave me his business card, but then he was like, “if you’re interested in Tennis, here’s my card” :/

The first time I went speed dating (last year, this is my second time) I didn’t turn my card in, because I went with a friend and we met the same guys. She was interested in a few that I liked (and whined about it) I don’t know if I would have gotten any matches or not... :(

This time I went solo...

Chaotically Calm said...

Ohhh International Night, I loves me some accents! Way to go for getting a step closer in your mission. I've been talking about this type of activity for a minute with my girls but they are slow to the draw...I must forward them the link to your blog.