Thursday, April 23, 2009

Morning Sunshine Is Better Than Vodka

This morning I talked to Brian for awhile. He definitely put the EXTRA sunshine in my morning. We talked about nothing really, but...well you know, sometimes it still makes you smile.

In Other News

Not to get your hopes up, but I may have found a replacement! He’s not sexy like Brian, but he has a passport!!!! And he has more stamps than me. Thus far, we have talked two days in a row; and e-mailed and text'd. The first day, we talked for TWO hours, which is un-Diva like. Usually, I’ll give someone about 30 minutes, but “James” was so very entertaining. He could actually hold a conversation! We may go wine tasting or something on Saturday. Don’t hold your breath, but cross your fingers!

JB, the Pedicure guy called/text me again. Because of Tunde, I will give him a chance. Just one though. Who knows, maybe he took the long bathroom breaks in-between each sentence because he was nervous. (I hope I don’t regret this...)


Cheekie said...

Oooh, sounds interesting (and can I get a "finally" for you finding a bro with a passport...extra pts for him having more stamps than you). Where'd you find the new prospect?

Tunde said...

glad to see you decided to give JB another chance. all anyone deserves is one more chance. lol.

seems like james might be a cool guy. i'll be looking forward to hearing your post about him next week. lol.

Chaotically Calm said...

You heart Brian so much....instead of these lame replacements just give Brian the keys to the blog and see where the chips fall. I think it's a calculated risk that will pay off.


@ Cheekie - I know, more stamps than me...that's a lot of cool points! Met him Saturday, while out with Brian

@ Tunde...Hmmm, one more chance...where do I know that song from...oh yea, that's right! *smh*

@ Chaotically - I've been thinking about it...a lot. I'll see how this weekend goes

Cheekie said...

"I know, more stamps than me...that's a lot of cool points! Met him Saturday, while out with Brian"

Hmmm, interesting.

But, um, I gotta go with Chaotically here. I know you're looking for a replacement, but a replacement is just ain't the real deal. I'm still feelin' the chemistry smokin' from my computer speakers with you and Brian! ;)