Monday, April 20, 2009

Vodka, Big Hands & Naps...Not In That Order

Some interesting and not so amusing things happened to me this weekend, mind you my weekends start on Thursday, sometimes Wednesdays, depending on the week. In any case, here's the top 10 in review.

10. I started Thursday night with happy hour with my co-worker/friend from a volunteer project, "Jason". When I first met him, I thought he was cute and despite our age difference we had a lot in common (he's 3 years younger). With time, it wore off. Now, well I think he's..."different". His drink of choice, a Midori Sour. After one, he said, he was "feeling it". What? Are you serious? I know he's not a drinker, I would have preferred he just opt for a coke or water. But a Midori Sour??? He made me feel like a lush for drinking wine!!!

9. Jason & I ended our, "happy hour" around 8. I wasn't ready to go home, so I called Brian to tell him I was headed to his place. For the first time in weeks, I took the Metro. I get off my train, to transfer and this sorta cute in the face guy stops me. He follows me up the escalator and asks me for my number. He pulls out his cell phone, and lo & behold it's Cartoon hands!!! Shit, it's a small world! He doesn't recognize me (I think). I gave him a fake name & number. Blame it on the...

8. Still on Thursday. After finally making it to Brian's house, I hang out with him, his roommate, and his friend. Remember, the cocky guy? He's was here visiting for the weekend. My intentions were to hang out at Brian's for a second then head home. Somehow, I ended up back at the lounge Jason and I were at earlier, although I knew I had to go to work in the morning...

7. Friday was such a nice day out, although I really wanted to stay home, I really wanted to go out. Again, you know who I hung's becoming a bad habit to break.

6. Saturday morning, I get a morning wake up call at 8am from Mr. Henry. Who in the F, calls that early in the morning on a Saturday??? Don't they know, I'm a (recovering) party girl? I push ignore and try to go back to sleep. I can't. Damn him. After showering and getting myself together, I return his call.

5. After spending 4 long ass hours with Mr. Henry, it's about 2:30 in the afternoon. I have things to take care of, and want to get a nap in before my evening festivities. I tell Mr. H, I'm going home to take a nap.
Mr. Henry: Yeah, a nap sounds really good right now.

Me: You want to take a nap with me?

Mr. Henry: You know I can't lay next to your booty

Me: It's called self-control. Besides, didn't you just say, you were too lazy, when it comes to women?

Mr. Henry: That's different.

Me: Oh well. I offered. I'm soooo tired.

Mr. Henry: You know, I will come over

4. Mr. Henry comes over. He tosses and turns and is moving waaayyy to much. In my head, I'm thinking it was a bad idea. Then, he tries to horizontal dance. NO. He tries again. NO. He tried again, and finally I say, "No, it's tempting, but no thanks". My nap is ruined. He's pissed and doesn't talk to me. I drop him off at the Metro, thank him for lunch. He slams the door. I said a nap. He heard sex. Nap does not = sex. Both three letter words...but not equal.

3. Still on Saturday. I went out with Brian & his friend. I get to the club first. As soon as Brian walks in, he gives me a huge hug, like we haven't seen each other in years! I pull the SweetDiva card and buy him and his friend a drink as soon as he lets me go. His friend is amazed, and I earned cool points with Brian! At the end of the night, he gives me another huge hug!!!

2. Apparently I was really feeling my vanilla vodka & lime's, because a new guy I met last night, sent me a text, and said I told him, I like to get Pedicures and go to the spa. He told me, he'd love to do that with me this weekend.

1. Saving the best, or almost amusing for last. Tony called me Tuesday night after 1am. I told him it was "late". He called me last night at 11:30. I ignored his call. Well, somehow his number was in my phone at 2:30am, post bar, post 5 or 8 vodka & limes. I don't remember what I told him...blame it on the...


Shawn Smith said...

Cartoon Hands reminds me of that episode of Seinfeld with the woman with Man Hands.

Laughing that you thought he was going to be good with "just a nap"....

Cheekie said...

"Blame it" indeed! Exciting post!

Oh, love the new decorating you've done around here, by the way.


@ Shawn - I said nap. Not once during the 4 hours did I flirt with him, or talk about sex. That's his bad. He called me yesterday, when I tried to talk about it, he got funny

@ Cheekie - Thanks!!!

DaniB said...

LOL. Haven't been on here a while. It takes a while to catch up with you girl. Great Post. How are you gonna wean yourself from Brian?

Tunde said...

funny post. seems like you had a really interesting weekend. i'm with shawn about the seinfeld man hands. really funny episode.

oh and i like the new banner pic. good look.

Chaotically Calm said...

Blame on the....Cartoon Hands thing is too funny, I like the I think he didn't recognize me. Oh and major kool points for buying the drinks for Brian & his friend. Diva I want to be like you when I grow up!


@Dani - the weaning process has started, but I think the shakes will subside, once the replacement is in

@ Tunde, Thanks...I guess I'm the only person in the world who can't recall Seinfield episodes!

@Chaotically - once someone thinks they know you, you show them another dimension. Brian & I will will usually get drinks for each other, but when you factor in the friend...that seals the deal :)

Breeezy said...

I've been reading since you started the blog, but now posting. Very funny stuff. Mr. Henry should know better, but in his defense - old habits are hard to break.


Thanks for visiting Breeezy - Mr. H and I haven't slept together in a long time...damn, come to think of it, I haven't had "any" in about 2 months :/ hmmmm