Tuesday, February 10, 2009


If someone tells you they are crazy, then they are probably crazy...and you're crazy for dealing with them...so I guess I'm crazy.

There's only one solution.

I need to cut all ties with Tony.

I gotta go to sleep...Jamaica...T-minus 5 hours.

I talked to him.

He's crazy. Really, not even playing. I'm gonna research his disease/degree of craziness...tomorrow.



sunyblack said...

I'm completely jealous hahahaha, enjoy the trip! Have a great time!

voyage2atlantis said...

crazy just means you don't understand them. tehee
have fun in the sun for me.

Anonymous said...

your bolg is one of my favz- we have so much in common its scary


Mista Jaycee said...

Have fun but define crazy! Crazy like Hannibal Lecter crazy or like Dave Chappelle crazy!


@Suny - ha, the weather & eye candy was amazing

@voyage - not in his case...he told me he was crazy...lol no but forreal, I gotta research his degree of craziness so I can determine weather or not I should change my number & move, or if I should get a dog

@the business woman - Thanks, I'll be checking yours out too, we'll have to compare notes!!!

@Mr. Jaycee - Respect Mon, No problem... we shall see

DaniB said...

Change number and move. Crazy is crazy. They are perfectly normal until they are looking through your window @ 2am in a diaper with a pinlight! It happens....or his kids call you saying Daddy tried to commit suicide by jumping out the window....and he lives in a one story house...True story