Sunday, February 8, 2009

Vodka & Lime Juice

Maybe I'm still a little light headed from the vodka and splash of lime's I consumed last night, but I decided I'm going to quit drinking. I know I said it before, but I mean it this time. I'll quit right after I get back from my trip.....temporarily. Last night I hung out with Brian. I noticed when I hang out with my guy friends, they drink a lot, a whole lot, which in turn causes me to drink a lot....damn, damn, damn. We started out at this Meet-up event. It was lame, so we decided to go back to my place to have a few drinks, then hit the town again.

While at my place, we had some really interesting conversations. We were talking about family and my uncle and the trip, and I realized something...if I get into a serious relationship, I want them to be just like Brian. He's the epitome of what I want in a guy, with the exception of his penchant for a different woman in his bed every weekend. He's sexy, smart, grounded, goal oriented, has a great career, rides a motorcycle, ran a marathon last year, loves to travel, likes to hang out, LOVES his family, he's in fab-u-lous shape, has sexy tattoos, is confident...I guess I could go one & on. And he also said something to me that made me think hmmmm. He said he admires me. Wow. I was shocked. I asked him why and he gave me his reasons. Under different circumstances, I would be interested in him...yep...he could get it but I digress...

So here's why I'm giving up the bottle. We left my place and went to my favorite lounge/club. Guess who was there??? John Q. I haven't seen him in a few months, so I was quite happy to see him...but by this time, the vodka was talking. I remember giving him a huge hug, and saying how good it was to see him...but I'm not sure if I said MORE than that.....uhhh AND to top the night off, I had a f'n stalker. I mean WTF??? I hate when guys stalk in the bar. Like this guy seriously was creepy, because he followed me around all night, he seen that I was "buzzed" and kept trying to in his word "make sure I made it home safely" no thanks stalkerface.

Brian stayed close by. Hmmm.

In Other News

Mr. Henry wanted to go out last night. So I re-implemented a motto I had a few years ago "open, honest & candid" if they ask. I've always been honest with him, when he asks me something. I never volunteer the information, but if you ask me, I will tell you 95% of the time. So last night he asked me if I wanted to go out. I told him no, I had plans. Then he asked me one too many follow-up questions...the 5% almost kicked in.

Mr. Henry: Where are you going?

Me: Out.

Mr. Henry: With who?

Me: Why?

Mr. Henry: a guy?

Me: Yes

Mr. Henry: Oh never mind

Me: You wanna come, it's a meet-up event for singles, you might have fun.

Mr. Henry: I'm not trying to hang out with you and another guy

Me: It's not like that, but ok.

He then proceeded to call me all night, while I was out with Brian...the tables have turned on this one. I'll explain why later. I'm off to the movies...


Anonymous said...

sometimes i can't read this stuff. it makes me feel bad. not your fault though. lol


Feel bad...the vodka part or the lime juice part :)

I seen Push tonight...I'll comment on it on your blog