Monday, February 2, 2009

Superbowl Sunday, Not So Super

I used to follow sports and was a huge sports fan, however I wasn’t really excited about the Superbowl, so I didn’t do the typical “superbowl” things of preparing snacks, food, etc. Besides, I was tired from spending the night/morning with Mr. Henry. Saturday night, the Old man and I agreed on him coming over at 5:45p to watch the Superbowl. A few things that irked me:

He didn’t call me at all to confirm
I called him a few times and his phone went straight to voicemail
He calls me at 6pm telling me he’s down the street
He comes in, and knows I’m upset with him, and still tries to hug me and lay up under me
He knocks over my drink within 5 minutes of being in my place

I didn’t fix dinner as promised, and was a bit “icy” towards him. I don’t know what it is, but I don’t like/want him to come over. He’s 56, but when he gets to my place, you would think he was 16. It’s like he’s so excited to be there, that he doesn’t know what to do. It reminds me of a puppy/6 year old kid/senile Old Man, all wrapped up into one pint sized body.

He did a lot of things that irked me. The more he did, the worse my ‘attitude” got. I mean come the fuck on. At first I couldn’t put my finger on it about him last night. Then it hit me...he’s not MANLY enough, he lacks that “swagger” or “it” factor. For example. I offer him something to drink, he declines. Ok. No big deal. When he called me at 6, to say he was on his way, I told him I hadn’t heard from him, and that I am not fixing anything. He says no problem, he’s not hungry. Well when I make me something and eat it, he doesn’t say anything. I ask him again if he wants something. He says no. About 30 minutes later, he asks me if I have any tylenol or aspirin because he has a headache from hunger.

Me: I asked you if you wanted something to eat

Old Man: Well I don’t know what you have.

Me: You said no.

I give him a packet of Advil. He whines, and asks me to open it for him, he can’t open it. I retort, “no, man-up and open it yourself”. I go to the kitchen and fix him something.

I try to watch the rest of the game in peace, but he keeps making little whiny noises so that I will look at him, and ask him what’s wrong. I don’t. I don’t coddle men, and baby them. And he is no exception.

So last night here were other cons I thought about:

He’s too F’n whiny
He’s too small for me (he’s like 5’4 and a buck thirty)
No sex appeal
No confidence
Doesn’t make me feel like he could protect me


Tunde said...

your last comment about him reminds me of this Kevin Hart bit.

"If you with me and a guy comes up and smacks you, then you just got smacked”

lol. how tall are you by the way?


LOL, you're silly :)

I'm good...slacking at work! & You

jolie fatale said...

OMG.. he's short!? and old?!

why diva why!?


I really think you are going out with him for the fact that you enjoy what you do together and his company when doing it ... but this is just a FRIENDSHIP .. clearly


@ Jolie...I asked myself the same question last night...yep. definitely just friends...with NO benefits!

Anonymous said...

i'm like jaycee this blog is my guilty pleasure.

hmm seems like you don't even enjoy his company just the company. dang 5'4. i like short skinny men but i'm talking under 6'0. Well i just don't like very tall men. i mean that's the whole point of dating an older man being able to feel secure.

i was getting annoyed reading about his whining. "you don't know what i got". starve mofo starve


@ Tunde, I didn't realize you asked me how tall I 5'6

LOL@Must love movies - Awe man you should have been here. It was death 10 times over....