Friday, February 20, 2009

How Brian Met Diva

Ok, I didn’t realize, I never really went into how Brian and I came to be “friends”. Last year, around the end of March, I put out an ad on CL, looking for a male workout buddy. I received a plethora of responses. Some offering “other” services, some who hadn’t seen a gym since birth and some who were just plain creepy. A few passed the screening process, one of which was Brian. There was one other guy who passed, but it never came to fruition.

So anyways, we worked out a few times together, but I think I was hindering him, because he was working out 4 times a week, plus training for a marathon. I was hitting the gym twice a week, plus taking strip aerobics, so not quite a match made in workout buddy heaven. We ended up having a lot in common, i.e. hanging out.

I seen him out a few times with his friends and after a few text messages back and forth, we ended up going to the club together. In between all of this, I was getting mixed signals. He’d grab my ass a few times, and there was this one time when I was coming back from New York and we had a long text exchange about our fantasies.

One night at like 3 am he asked me for a ride home. I was up because I just got home from the bar myself. In the back of my head this was a booty call. I get to where he’s at, and he gets in. He’s pretty drunk. We stop at McDonald's so he can get something to eat. He’s flirting, looking at my legs, trying to push the skirt up on my legs. We pull up to his place and he invites me in to “have a glass of wine on the balcony”. Now, I knew what was up. I accepted.

We get upstairs, he pours me the wine, and we are talking. Somehow we’re talking, flirting, and I ask him to see his package. He opens his shorts, and I look inside. (I know, I can’t believe it either). He then says he’s going to bed. So, that’s my cue right? I didn’t know what to do. I asked him if I could take a shower. When I get out, he’s laying on the bed naked, sleep.

I go over and try to get him up. He puts his arm around me. And that’s it. Now I’m wide awake, and I don’t know what to do. It’s hard for me to go to sleep, so I get up and leave. It’s like 5am. In the morning I get a text message, and he asks me why I left, and apologizes for being drunk, and says I should have stayed. That was it.

We continued to hang out, sometimes flirting, but mostly learning about each other. Pretty soon it became a friendship. Then comes Miami, then comes Jamaica...and here we are now.

So here’s the thing, we KNOW a lot about each other’s sexual exploits. A LOT. I know more than I want to know about his, but all of a sudden, I’m still attracted to him.

While we were in Jamaica, people kept telling me what a “cute” couple we were. After I’d politely correct them and say we are just friends...they’d be like “Bullshit”. We got that a lot. Everyone thought we were married or dating. There was one lady I was talking to at the bar (I don’t know where Brian was) and she kept saying how she thinks we are going to be together, blah, blah, blah. Even if I adamantly said no, we’re just friends...she still pushed it.

So here I am now. He tells me a lot. He’s seeing a lot of other women, sort of serious about one....but I still have this huge F’n crush on him. Not because of the challenge per se. It’s more to it than that.

He told me & people in Jamaica why he admired me. He looked out for me. He told someone he had “too much respect for me”...we had hours upon hours of “real” conversations about our goals. And at the end of the day, minus his notches, sexual romps, addictions, and the fact that we are just “friends” ... he could still get it.

So I never told him how much I like him and respect him. I’m sure he has an idea on some level. But a part of me knows we are just “friends” and are in that “Friends Only” category.

So that’s it...that’s how Brian & I came to be...friends


Cheekie said...

Wow, Diva is SPRUNG! Hee!

But seriously, though, ya'll sound like a movie. It's kinda romantic, the way you two met, interact, etc.


*SMH* It's sad, I don't know what to do... I do feel like I'm in a movie...with an unexpected ending...maybe a sequel will follow

Chaotically Calm said...

Damn Diva....I wouldn't be surprised if he felt the same way you do but doesn't know how to broach it because you two are such good "friends." Life has a way of working out the kinks sometimes with onw drunk night and you fall into bed and wake up the next morning....oh wait maybe that's just me but you get the point!

Cheekie said...

I'm rootin' for ya'll! Out of your roster, Brian is actually my favorite for you. ;)


LOL @ Chaotically...really???? Just one drunk night...well we've had many...maybe one more will seal the deal

@ optimistic :) I'm surprised he's your fav...what you don't like Old MEN

Cheekie said...

LMAO, Diva. I mean, Old Dude is okay, but there's just chemistry sizzilin' underneath any posts with Brian. It's the way ya'll interact...I can sense it all the way over here in Chicago. ;)

Anonymous said...

ah i see it now
i just re-read your section on the side. you seem to be staying to your initial thoughts.

he sounds respectful which is super attractive lol

Anonymous said...

Dont do it.

According to Steve Harvey if he wanted you he would come and get it.

The fact that he not moving nothing means exactly that.

Be happy with your sidekick and dont push the issue, it will crash and burn.

But in other news great post, I must start asking for package peeps!

Christin said...

I feel some real sparks between you two. This reminds me of Brown I bet you all are so cute together. One of you are going to have to make the move to see if it can go to that point of no return...this is like a tv show that I have to tune into daily! I hope you two get together...and soon! :)


@Cheekie...really, all the way in the Chi....we must be on fire!!!

@MLM...he's really respectful...we have a similar background, re our families, and he's not that guy that's angry at the world or holding a chip on his shoulder...I find him uber-attractive

@getyourishtogether....I know, in my post I said "He tells me a lot. He’s seeing a lot of other women, sort of serious about one" which means I GET IT. He's probably not that into me....

In all honesty I think in the beginning he wanted to bang me ( I mean have sexual encounters) never happened, now he realizes what a good friend I am, so he wants to keep me as a friend.... end of story...that's me being honest with myself...

@Christin....*sigh* If I had a tv show I wonder what we'd call it.... and what station it should air on.....hmmmm

Sorry to burst your bubble, but we probably won't be getting together anytime soon... :(

Anonymous said...

Tell him you want to jump his bones. His other relationships can't be too serious if he is going to Jamaica with you.