Saturday, February 7, 2009

On A Somber Note

As most of you know, I don't blog about anything else here except dating. I can't remember posting more than 1 or 2 articles about my family, career, or other friends aside from P.O.W & P.A.T.T. The only reason for that is because I started this as a dating blog, just a glimpse at one dimension of my life. It is with sad regret that I have to say this. My Great Uncle passed away this morning. He was 70. He had four sisters, one being my Grandmother who is still alive, and five brothers. He is the first Elder in my family to die of natural causes, since my Great Grandmother in 1989. Only one of his brothers died (more than 30 years ago) in an accident.

I'm saying this because tomorrow is never promised. He lived a full life and I'm sure in his own way he touched someone or impacted someone, maybe knowingly or unknowingly. I'm dealing with this extremely well, because I understand that he was suffering these last few years with various health problems and he's no longer suffering, and is hopefully in a better place. We weren't particularly close, but he is FAMILY and nothing changes that. I seen him, for the last time in November when I went home for Thanksgiving. He didn't look too well, but I'm happy I got that chance, if briefly, to see him.

Death makes you look at things differently. I'm not afraid to die. It saddens me when people die too soon, but I realize everything happens for a reason. I'm not very religious, but as a child I was brought up in a Baptist environment and I do believe in God. I don't attend church, but I know there is something greater than me Spiritually that pushes and pulls us in many directions. So in a sense I'm at peace with everything, although I know some of my family members are taking it pretty hard.

Death also (fortunately and unfortunately) helps you to realize who your friends are during the rough times. I haven't told all of my friends yet, but those who I have told have been extremely supportive, even one's that I have known for a short time and I'm grateful for that. P.O.W. is in my hometown, and asked me if my Mom was ok, and if she needed anything; Brian said he understood, when I told him, I will have to cut my vacation short to attend the funeral, and said that his motto is "Family First". The Old Man and I talked for quite awhile and others gave their condolences...and I appreciate it and am happy that I know I have a SUPPORT system during the rough times...

Remember to say "I love you", because you can never say it enough.



My True Essence said...

Diva. I am so sorry for your lost. I will definitely lift you and your family up in prayer. Please let me know if there is anything I can do.


Thank you SOOOO very much. I really do appreciate that

Anonymous said...

I hope you are ok. you seem to be keeping your spirits up. take care


@MLM...I'm good. I was bummed for my G-ma, cause it's her brother, and I think it was hard on her. Thanks for the support!

How's South Korea treating ya?

wildcherry said...

Sorry for the late message, but my deep condolence goes to you and your family.