Thursday, February 19, 2009

OMF'n G....I Can't Believe It

Why me? Did I do something utterly immoral in my past life??? I just got off the phone with Tony a few minutes ago. Uhhhh, he's sprung. Yep. Not to toot my own horn, (toot, toot) but's not him that I want....I want....someone else.

Tony basically said he's wide open, and he wants to make it work with me. I said we should take it slow. On one hand I DO want that happily ever after stuff they FORCE down our throats in the movies...but what, or rather WHO I really want is Brian.

I was too scared to type that, but I do.

No we didn't have SEX in Jamaica...

But, he's what I want....and I can't have him

I hate Karma...whoever finds Karma, hold him down until I get there.

Life sucks.


Anonymous said...

time to seek advice from some old songs

love the one your with

unless they did you dirty.
i'm saying never fails the one's you want don't want you like you want them. maybe seeing you with someone else will make him change which makes it even worst. huh?

lmao at toot toot


MLM - I don't even know what to do....this is like a freakin movie....I'm speechless (left you a message on your shoutbox)

Christin said...

Oh.My.Gosh!!!!! Girl...isn't love crazy? I swear its always the one you want that you can't have.

Shawn Smith said...

Sis sis sis *shaking head*


@Christin...funny thing is, I know so much about Brian...that I shouldn't want him...but I do...ugggh

@Shawn...which part are you shaking your head at???

Shawn Smith said...

All of it.

So why can't you have Brian?

That and thinking about when you met Tony.


It's complicated...Brian doesn’t know I like him like that...and I met Tony in January of 08. We talked for a few weeks, then stopped. We reconnected when I seen him in the fall, when I was out with Mr. Henry.

Tunde said...

Are you sure the only reason you want Brian is because you had a great time in Jamaica? My advise (if you were to ask me) is to let the afterglow from your trip wear off before you make any hasty decisions. :-}


Tunde - You're right, that's why I'm just kind of doing nothing...I don't want to put myself out there, then recant my statement...I'll see how I feel next week ;)

Cheekie said...

I KNEW it was Brian!

I agree with Tunde's advice. Let these feelings simmer a bit. You never know if it is the Jamaica glow. (I'm rhymin'!)


@Cheekie - lol, let me catch the beat....

I talked to a close friend of mine, and she agrees. Wait and see how I feel later......hmmmmm

SINgleGIRL said...

Yep. Life sucks. And we can't control who we want. I agree with Tunde and Cheekie - chill on the decision making for a little while. Things may become clearer with time. May.

Anonymous said...

ok i gotta comment
i'm gonna need you to re-explain the history b/w this two gentleman.

I want you to know how you sound lol (like i can give advice)
"brian doesn't know I like him like that..." oh he knows you like him. you went to jamaica with him so what if it was separate planes. did he take care of any expenses?

next what do you know about him that makes you say you shouldn't like him? and why can't you have him?

add those up you've got 2 problems. lol

i'm clowning around with you but really really does sound like glow like that infatuation.