Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Thrill Is Gone

I’m bored with the guys again. Brian and I determined that we probably have ADD. A few times when we were in Jamaica, when we were forced to sit for long periods of time, we became bored, hyper, thrill seekers. These guys, I swear, are just BLAH sometimes. Case in point, the Old Man. Monday, he invited me over for music, snacks and games. He kept asking me what I wanted, since he’s a vegetarian. I told him to be creative, to pick up some things, I’m not that picky. Well he bugged the F out of me, until I sent him a list. You would think after a year of hanging out, he’d get it.

Here’s a summary of what’s going on lately.

Old Man - So last week we went to dinner. Mind you, I was still a little jet-lagged, happy, and nostalgic about my good times in Jamaica, so I was pretty chill. Just going with the flow. The Old Man picked the restaurant, a vegetarian Indian place downtown. I’m not a vegetarian, but whatever, I love Indian food, so I was cool. The bill comes. He looks at me. I tell him to take care of it this time, and I’ll get it later. He then says, he “took care of it last time”. WHAT??? Are you F’n serious? I then, nicely point out I took care of the movies that same night and that it was his idea to go to dinner, he chose the place, and I just got back in town and couldn’t do it. He makes a BIG production out of it. He puts his glasses on, lays the bill on the table, asks me if I want to see it.

Me: No

Old Man: You don’t want to see the bill?

Me: No. I’m not paying for it, you are. I’d leave a tip but I don’t have enough cash on me. I told you, I’d take care of it next time.

He left a bad taste in my mouth. When it comes to paying for things, he always tries to show me the receipt and make a big production of something, as if to say “See how much money I am spending”. When I pay for something, I give them my debit card, I never tell him (or anyone) how much it is. End of story. When we go out, I pick the bill up about 30-40% of the time. But the 60% of the time he does it, he makes a gigantic F’n deal out of it.

I hate that.

When I hung out with him Monday, things weren’t THAT bad. We had a good time, but I've been thinking a lot lately about how to end it. It's not him. He hasn't changed. I've seen the "Light". I don't want a future with him, and I'm bored/tired of what we are doing now. Nothing. Everything's the same. No surprises with him. Boring, monotonous, someone just shoot me now, I'd have more fun at the hospital!!!

Tony - Tony is .... “unbalanced”. He’s on medication, I think. At least that’s what he said awhile ago. Maybe he’s off his meds, which is code for “it’s time for ME to exit the train”. Saturday night was good. We spent time with each other. Sunday morning, we laid around. I fixed him breakfast. He complains, that he only eats egg whites. WTF??? He doesn’t eat meat, he doesn’t eat chicken, he doesn’t eat flour, therefore he doesn’t eat bread or crackers, he doesn’t drink milk, or eat dairy products. He says, he has a sensitive stomach...Damn Pansy. So whatever. He eats it. Loves it. I have a morning appointment to get to, so I shower, then we leave. That night he calls me, I didn’t hear my phone. When I checked it and called him back, he answered. He sounded stressed or something, and says he’ll call me back. I don’t hear from him.

Monday I called him to see if he’s ok.

Tony: I’m just going through some things. I’m going to get back into therapy.

Me: What’s wrong?

Tony: Well I can’t really talk about it right now, but we’ll talk later

It’s time to put him to rest. Adios Tony. Adios.

Brian - Just friends. So I had to get a guys perspective on Brian...more importantly a guy who is similar to Brian and is the male version of me. My best guy Chuck. Gotta love him. Stopped me from being the "girl" and helps me when I get in a tough situation...the solution, from page 121 of the manual. Brian and I are "Just Friends". Maybe years down the line, when we stop telling each other about our sexual conquests. But for now, he’s in my Friend Box, and I’m in his.


Tunde said...

damn Brian in the friend zone already? wow.

the old man. i really don't see how you dealt with him that long anyway (based off your description and interactions with him).

tony. i can only just shake my head.


Yeah, Tony...a big disappointment...

Brian has always been a friend...I just happened to begin liking him, but got a slap of reality, when I talked about it with Chuck...I needed it.

No words for the Old Man

Anonymous said...

oh i see you don't trust my word. lol

just kidding. hey you can always fantasize. things change.

i don't know about tony he doesn't seem crazy to me. i mean though if he is having mental problems that make him totally depend on pills. that is a lot to deal with. i don't know him though.

i agree with tunde old man wouldn't have got the number. lol
but there have been perks to knowing him. he has made some effort.

eclectik said...

Just checkin in...

Find me any potential Scrabble, Wii and sex partners in the Area yet?



@MLM - You mean about Brian??? Tony is totally dependant on Meds...I would disclose his "mental" state, but I don't want to totally put him out there like that...

Old Man - Caught me on the right day

@ E - I'm so close I can feel it!!!

Cheekie said...

WTF, OLD MAN?! See, I kinda liked him at first (he was aiight), but what's with the big production of handling the bill? And the "see how much money spend on you" nailed the coffin, for sure. Is he for real?

LMFAO @ him putting on his glasses to double check every item on the KNOW that's why he did it.

Yeah, he is so uncool for that one. I still can't believe it...

Journey to my soul said...

"When we go out, I pick the bill up about 30-40% of the time"... where have you been all my life? lol

When its time to pay, girls i take out dont even reach for the wallet for tip.

btw... your blogs are very interesting


Thanks Journey - I try to be a Lady, and atleast offer. Also, I never order something I can't pay that being said I always take my card just in case... and if we agree on going Dutch before we get there, I'm cool with that.

Journey to my soul said...

Had to come back to this. It reminds me of Chris Rock's 'Dont kill the messenger'. When he said... 'Nothing dries up a p*y quicker than a woman reaching for her wallet'. 'Its almost like the wallet is sending a signal to the p*y that this man is not worth getting wet for'. lol thought it was funny.