Monday, February 2, 2009

Unexpected Saturday Surprises


Just when I was intent on making it a “Diva” weekend, a few wrenches were thrown in for good measure. Saturday, I’m out, running errands, I check my phone and notice I have two missed calls from Mr. Henry. I call him back, he wants to go out, mind you I had plans to go to the club with the Old Man, which I planned on cancelling I tell Mr. Henry, we can go clubbing. I cancel with the Old man, and he meets me out for dinner instead. After dinner, the Old Man is not ready to go home.

Old Man: So I brought some music with me, we can go back to your place and listen to it.

Me: (Laughing) Uhhh, no.

Old Man: Why not?

Me: You can’t come over, it’s too late.

Old Man: It’s only 10:15, I won’t stay long, I want to show you my experience.

Me: (cracking the F up) No. You can’t come over. It’s too late, you’re not going to want to leave.

Old Man: Do you have to get up early in the morning or something.

Me: No

I didn’t give him an explanation, not that I have to, but I never let him come over after 10pm with the exception of my b-day. I told him I’ll see him Sunday for the Super bowl, and he can come over then, at a decent time and I'll make dinner. He was disappointed, but accepted the invite. He ended up going Salsa dancing instead.


I met Mr. Henry downtown around 11:15pm. This was our FIRST time seeing each other since October. We greet each other, and he gives me a compliment. We sit in my truck and talk for awhile. I tell him, before this goes any further, he needs to apologize to me. I go on to explain why I was mad at him, and how I felt that he should have came through for me as a friend. We talk about it in dept. At this point I’m ready to shoot pool. We go to a couple of places without any luck.

Then, somehow, we end up at the strip club. After the strip club, I tell him I’ll drop him off at the Metro. By this time it’s 1:20a, the Metro is still running. I know he doesn’t want to go home because he finds an excuse to come to my place. When we get to my place, we watch TV for a bit, and talk, then I make the couch up for him and he looks at me like I’m delusional.

Me: Goodnight dude

He's sitting on the couch, and I'm standing over him. He grabs me and kisses my stomach and back, his kisses are getting lower and lower. He tries to pull my shorts down. I pull away.

Me: No. Don’t think you’re going to come over here after all of this time and get some. We aren’t on that level.

Mr. Henry: Ok, sit down lets talk.

We talk and watch TV a little bit more, and he begins rubbing my feet, then somehow I wake up in the morning, and Mr. Henry is next to me.

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DaniB said...

Somehow huh? LOL. Wonder how that happened?