Monday, November 10, 2008

Missing In Action

So I know I have been missing in action last week. Between the stunning electrifying election, spending time with Old man Benjamin and partying, I haven't had time to sit down and breathe. So here goes...

Last Monday - I went Salsa Dancing. It was ok, except, it always seems like the shortest guys want to dance with me, then when they try to turn me, I can't fit under their arms...go figure. Hmmm, they must not have gotten the memo, you have to be "at least 5'7 to ride this ride".....

Election Night - I spent it with Old Man Benjamin. We started out at a music/coffee shop, then he wanted me to accompany him to his friend's place for their Election party. This is the first time I was introduced to them and they to me. So a few things happened worth mentioning. 1) I'm the youngest one there, 2) I was Introduced by my first name (no title needed), and 3) This lady thought I was his WIFE! Yep, and she kept fishing for information.

Lady: So do you cook?

Me: No

Lady: WHAT, you don't cook, you strike me as being able to know how to cook. You gotta cook for your Husband

Old Man Benjamin: She's being shy, she cooks, in fact she's a great cook

Me: He's not my Husband, and he's never had any of my food

Lady: What? Well if you cook for him, he'll be your Husband

Me: I'm the prize, he should be cooking for me

Lady: You're right. My husband cooks for me

After dodging her questions and "nosiness", I had a great time. I spent Wednesday recovering, and soaking in everything from the night before, including the monumental win!

Thursday Night - Old Man Benjamin and I went Salsa dancing. The whole time he kept dropping hints about me coming to his house and vise versa, to give me "private" Salsa lessons. I still haven't invited him in. I guess I don't have a really good reason, but I think he likes the challenge. My place is like a mystery to him. He knows I'm not hiding anything, but none the less, he still inquires about getting the invitation...hmmm, it must have gotten lost in the mail!

Friday and Saturday I went out and had a blast.

Sunday was a me day, and lo and behold...guess who I ran into?


Shawn Smith said...

I'm going to say Al.


No...think..."Blast from the Past"...not so much blast

Shawn Smith said...

Who then? I know, I give up so easily.

Shawn Smith said...

Oh, and you have to elaborate more on what happened on Friday and Saturday night. Can't just say "went out and had a blast". lol. We know something had to happen.


Well I did. Saturday, I went out with friends, and we ended up at the Strip Club, Friday....Friday is such a blur....oh wait, I went to Love (Not a fan of it) but I got to see Common perform, met a few cute guys...but again, I'm not a fan of the Mega Club thing, with straight out of college kids... but I still had fun!!!