Friday, November 14, 2008

When 1 + 1 = 4

Boyz 2 Men.

The difference between boyz & men is great. And to determine the difference quickly, it takes a woman who knows what a real man is. That would be me! I met this guy "Akeem" Friday when I went out. He was cute, charming, and most of all, he had sexy hair that I wanted to pull. We exchanged numbers and texted and talked a few times since Friday. Tuesday, he asked to meet for tea or coffee, but I had plans with the Old Man. Last night he asked me to meet him at a local lounge that was advertising free drinks and admission. I'm all about the drink specials!!! So I said YES!

The agreed upon time for our date was 9:00pm. He took the Metro, so he ended up getting there late! After waiting in the car & sending text messages back and forth, I decided to go in and wait. He called me & told me that he ran into one of his friends and they would be joining

I get in and go to the bar to wait for him. By this time it's 10:00pm. This guy sitting at the bar starts a conversation with me, so I entertain myself while I wait. Akeem finally walks in. He walks over and we exchange hugs. So there's a few things about him and said place that I must disclose. He's young. 23 to be exact. Everyone else in said lounge is about 21ish as well. I must have been hanging around Old Geezers too long, because I really felt like I was back in college on "college-night".

So one friend turns into two friends. Fine. I'm running the text messages and conversations back through my head to see if I missed something...

1st Text from Akeem at 3:00pm: Hey hope u been well..._______ has free open entry and open bar tonight, would you like to go if your time is free?

Me: Thank you. It's going well. What time would you like to go? I could use a drink!

Akeem: I could use a drink too. I just got the text. Open bar is from 9-11. Let's shoot to be there at 9 if that's not too late for you

Me: Perfect. Can you please forward me the text

So after texting back and forth a few more times, our plans are set. We even talked once again around 7pm to confirm everything. During all of this he didn't say my friends are coming or are meeting us there...nada. Had he said, "I'm going to the bar for drinks tonight with friends, you should stop by & have drinks with us" I would have been cool. But I wasn't in the mood to hang out with 21 year old boys tonight. So I left the boys and went to the grown-folks lounge around the corner. What a difference!


DaniB said...

Defect and leave. Great!


Yep! You gotta do what you gotta do!

Single Black said...

I do agree that bringing the friends was in bad taste ... but it doesn't seem like he had pre-planned for them to come. Almost sounds like he saw them on the metro and invited them (still a dumb move on his part).

Lol ... why do I know the place because I got that same text message.


Hmmm, thought about that too, but something seemed off about the whole thing...went with my gut...and it's usually right 90% of the time, had I been thinking with something else...then's a 50/50

He sent me a few messages after he realized I left, but they didn't seem sincere. I even ran into him Saturday (not by choice)