Monday, November 3, 2008

Liquid Courage

OMG...something is in the water! The building Engineer "Al" in my office stopped by and flirted with me longer than normal today. At least 15 minutes. Aside from eluding to me making him dinner next week, he dropped a few hints that his birthday is tomorrow and also squeezed in a "so are you single, do you have any kids?" line:

Me: Oh, your birthday is tomorrow. How cool it's on Election Day!

Al: Yeah, so do I get a birthday discount on my first dinner?

Me: Yeah, I'll bring you a cupcake...don't hold your breath though

Al: I'll practice my look of surprise

Me: Yeah, practice all week

Al always stops by and says hi and asks the usual, "how was your weekend"...I guess he took his liquid courage this morning because that was unexpected! I'm going to start selling bottles of "Liquid Courage" - $9.99 a bottle.

Disclaimer - Not guaranteed to work with lame pick-up lines


Shawn Smith said...

That's funny. I have a flask that my ex gave me with "Inhibitions Inhibitor" engraved on it.


I have a flask too!!! Funny, I haven't used it yet...maybe I'll break it out & break it in!...Hmmm, that could get me into a lot of trouble...I'll put "tea" in

DaniB said...

LOL. You could copyright this one


Hmmm, that's a good idea. We'll have mini portable bottles for $5.99. Small enough to put in your pocket...yet strong enough to give you the courage you need!