Sunday, November 23, 2008


EEO - Equal employment opportunity. Everyone deserves a chance.

My dating definition - Every man that meets certain requirements, passes a rigorous physical examination, and can show/give proof as to why they are the "man" for the job can apply for the position. Disclaimer: Not all applicants will be selected. Must show proof on demand, be unmarried between the ages of 25 & 40 (some exceptions to the cap at 40 rule) must not have tons of "baggage", must be a heterosexual male (who was born as a male) must be willing to relocate (no relocation stipends are available at this time) and must be willing to properly fill out the application without assistance, show proof of commonsense, be attractive and drug and disease free...requirements may change unexpectedly and at my whim...and as I deem appropriate and fitting based on the circumstances, my mood, and the time of month. Now accepting applications for a boyfriend, before requesting an application make sure you meet the prerequisites, and provide a resume and proof of job and insurance....

Thursday Night Old Man Benjamin & I went Salsa dancing. I noticed that this is starting to be a routine for us. Salsa dancing & movies...we need to do something to spice it up.

After I left, I noticed I had a missed call from Tony. I called him back, and we talked for about an hour. He wanted to see me before I left for home for the Holidays. I told him when I get back, that this weekend was pretty busy for me.

In Other News

Something happened to me this weekend. It's a delicate situation and I'm trying to figure out the best way to approach it. Do I just spit it out there and hope no one takes offense. Or do I skirt around the situation & hope people get it. Ok, here it goes.....I ummm, had a weird Interracial sexual experience on Friday. We didn't have sex (I did try) but well for lack of a better word it was...............small. So why did I throw in the fact that it was "Interracial"? Well because it was my first one. (sort-of) I'm not the one to believe stereotypes or promote them, but if everyone's first experience was like mine...then I could see how the stereotype would perpetuate.

So when I spoke with P.O.W. about it, we came to the conclusion that I should have just went over the Old Man's house. And basically why haven't I taken it there with him yet. My only conclusion is that he's old...but now, I'm wondering...maybe old won't be so bad...he will have experience on his side.


Chaotically Calm said...

Sorry about experience but I can tell you that the myth isn't always true. Even though you had a little situation don't be a quitter.


You're right...I'm willing to try it again...just not with him. And I know the uhhhh "experience" is just a fluke...