Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Last night Old Man Benjamin and I went on one of our weekly dates. When he picked me up, I decided to surprise him with a few things. The first was homemade tortilla chips that I made myself. I'm always telling him about the fabulous food I cook, so I surprised him!!! The second surprise was the commemorative issue of the TIME magazine with President-elect Obama on the cover. He was surprised and pleased with both! (I can pull out the sweet card when needed!)

Tonight's date was the movies again. The cool thing about it, is we went to an Independent movie theatre, so there's always bound to be something interesting. We seen this great movie with Robert Dinero; I must say we enjoyed ourselves.

At the end of the movie, as I was leaning to get up, I had one of those moments where my pants didn't quite cover all of my know, where you see the panties peeking out. Well, I suddenly felt a hand right there! I sort of levitated out of my seat & pulled them up. I looked at him a little sideways...(slow down gramps...)

Old Man: What??? (smirking...)

We left the movies arm in arm, hand in hand. As we made our way through the parking garage to the car, the Old Man seemed to be in his normal chipper mood. He unlocked the car doors and reluctantly waited by the passenger side and starred at me.

Me: What???

Old Man: Nothing

He grabbed me, gave me a kiss and grabbed my ass!

I was caught off guard. Wow!

Afterwards we found ourselves at this little Latin Club. Hmmm, I'm starting to notice a theme here. We sat and listened to the band for a moment, then walked around and headed back to my place.

I didn't invite him in.


Model Elaine said...

I love your dating stories and I actually follow your blog. Stop by my page, perhaps you can find something of interest to you. I won't drop a link here but if you click on my profile you can find my blog there.




Thanks Elaine,
I have checked out two of your blogs as well and enjoy them.

Glad you enjoy my crazy dating adventures!!!

CL said...

Watch out girl - you might just be learning that grace and insight with women comes best with age ;)

Chaotically Calm said...

I am getting hooked into your life like I know you in real life. Ok so what's the story with keeping the Old Man at bay...invite him in already I'm tired of the salsa club independent movie thing. Just kidding I will read regardless.


LOL. I know...but I'm kinda scared if I invite him in, he's gonna wanna DO me...not ready for that visual yet...I need some, but not that bad :)

Don't get me wrong, I like him...but, well... he's OLD!


CL, you're absolutely right...the Old Man waited 9 months to grab my ass!!!

Dimples said...

Just give the damn old man some already! Dagq!! If you don't like it, don't give him anymore. You may be pleasantly surprised!!


LOL. don't understand...he might start stalking me Really??? He's old. I was watching the Girls Next Door, and I can't imagine those young 21 y.o. girls having sex with an 80 y.o man.

So my Old Man Benjamin needs to move into the Playboy They must have magic water there:)