Thursday, November 20, 2008

Imagine It

It's getting cold out, pretty soon, I'll be hibernating until spring. I've been contemplating more and more about inviting the Old Man over. We've been talking everyday and in so many words, he said I "could have whatever I like" from him. It came up when we were joking and I said something about quitting my job and being homeless and moving in with him.

We have all types of random conversations and I try to imagine what would "it" be like.

1. What would it be like to SERIOUSLY date someone 31 years older?
2. What would he look like naked (I'm seriously grossed out right now, a little bit)?
3. What would, S-E-X be like?
4. What would his first visit to my place be like?

Funny thing is, I met him in February of this year. It's going on almost a year.....hmmm, who would have thought


DaniB said...

Try it. You can always not answer is calls afterwards and change his name to DO NOT ANSWER in your fon....thats what I do


I don't know. It's so weird...last week he accidentally called me "cupcake" and I told him he couldn't call me that. My Dad calls me that....and he's older than my Dad....eeewww gross... (he tried once before...I had to put a stop to it, but in his defense, we did walk past a cupcake shop)

Essence said...

Oh . . You are actually considering it now. I remember not so long ago, you wouldn't even think about it. The Ole man is getting to you!! LOL!!


I know....I'm scared...I better get to that TOY STORE quick...don't want make any quick decisions.....about gramps...(sigh)

CChamp01 said...

Dont do it!!!!

Anonymous said...

oh my. lol. well just go with the flow i guess :P ;)

Shawn Smith said...

Sounds like a poll to me.

Should DC Diva give in and give the Old Man some? Send him to the afterlife with a smile on his face.


Oh no!!! I wouldn't want him to die in the middle of our "session"... that would be tragic... so no, to preserve his life for a little while longer, I'll make him wait!!!