Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Weekend Update: I Suck

So this post was supposed to happen yesterday but I’m addicted to twitter (follow me), so I did nothing. I suck. The weekend was cool. No dancing on bars since I’m not engaging in my favorite pastime. Day 16 no vodka. I’m really serious about rocking my bikini’s in the DR (this one, this one & this one). Last week I started running. No vodka. No soda. No juice. Just water, club soda or green tea (although I slipped & had cranberry juice when I was clubbing...just a buffer between me and the vodka, that’s all)

Speaking of going out, Friday I was supposed to go out with Latino Papi Alex. I really didn’t feel like it, so I decided to make plans 1) knowing he hadn’t sent flair messages by Friday morning. 2) I know he’s flakey, and 3) he probably has a girlfriend. Yep. He only sends text messages. No calls.

His m.o. is trying to keep the lines of communication open by sending me “Mami, I miss you messages” (probably mass text messages) weekly, then once he gets a response, setting something up to make it seem like he’s so interested. Little does he know, that Sprint has this little online feature. I can now block numbers I don’t want to receive text messages from, yea for Sprint! (I’ll be on there this week entering phone numbers) So anyways, back to Friday.

I made plans with some chick friends. We went bar hoping, then I met another chick friend on U Street, for this waaayyy cool “world beat” party. Everyone from every nationality was there. It was SO amazing. It was like an underground we are the world lets all hug and be friends kind of place. Although it began to feel like you were walking into a hot box after awhile, it was so much fun. I danced so much my dress was soaking wet by the time I made it home. Good times. Oh, and there were some absolutely gorgeous guys there.

Saturday I had to take care of business. Latino Papi Alex sent me text messages. “you forgot mami”. Ummm, no idiot, you forgot. I was extremely tired, but I received an invite to hang on U street again by a couple of different people. I went to one spot. Scoped it out, then decided, to bounce. Ummm, was feeling blah.

Sunday Devin & I hung out for a bit on U Street (noticing a theme here). We had a good time.

This weeks agenda...TBD.

In Other News:

Not to rain on your parade, but I have to be a good Diva & keep you informed. Yesterday I came across this: New HIV Strain Found. Wrap it up people.


Tunde said...

didn't know sprint had that option. can you do it for phone calls as well? on my way to check it out now. seems like you had a good weekend. and you're right, dude probably has a girlfriend.

True2me said...

I follow you already babes..YAAAAY

Yeah that dude has a girl or something. RED FLAG when they can only text you

I got a mass text from a guy, my phone shows me everyone the text was sent to *yay phone* ...he was like wassup with you, was thinking about you..it was like 8 girls names on there

what a lame


I didn't do shyt this weekend but that damn bridal shower *actually it wasn't that bad*

Im going to turn my week around tho..just watch

Chaotically Calm said...

Damn Diva I am shocked day 16 no Vodka. You are sticking to your guns, I like it.

Devin is becoming quite the weekend staple...he sounds like fun so good for you.

My vakay is a week away nothing quite as scrupticious as DR but I think Miami will have to for now. My wallet thanks me and so do my bill collectors.

Oh yes Latino Papi girlfried, wife some type of signicant other red flags are all over him. Although I am not the best judge given my recent situation.


Tunde - I don't think you can block calls. go online to sprintpcs & login to your account! *whose number are you trying to block, lol*

@ True - Twitter is the ish. I'm already addicted. Yeah. They didn't get the memo, re mass text messages...smh

@ Chaotically - Devin's cool. I thik U Street is my staple though! Devin can be a bit boring though. He's nice, but sometimes he acts too old. (He's pushing 42, but looks 32)

In anycase, he's cool to hang with from time to time

Ummm, I hope the Spaniard is still on the island without a life jacket

Let me know your thoughts on MIA. I'm thinking I wanna try another trip there

Journey to my soul said...

you should call him out on the only-texting thing. Yeah, he is either lazy and only texts, or around his girl and can only text, and him being flakey also points to him having a girl thing.


@ Journey - I've pointed it out many of times to him. Half the time i don't respond. I really don't care, cause I'm not trying to hang with him, but I am tired of him texting me, so his number goes in the "blocked box"

Journey to my soul said...

A couple of weeks of not responding back should fix the problem. (hopefully)