Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Witness Comes Forward...

Oh, Diva, Diva, Diva….

How do I love thee, let me count the ways…’ve grown into a beautiful, charming, young woman. Perhaps all those vanilla vodkas have blurred a few memories from the past.

I am one of Diva’s college roommates the one who has lived with her the longest and the one, who has settled down, got married, has the two kids, and lives in suburbia. Yes, yes, I do sound boring now and live vicariously through the trials and tribulations of Mz. Diva but I can still cause trouble if deemed needed. I don’t have a fun acronym like PATT or POW, but my feelings aren’t hurt Beeotch much!

Top 5 things I remember from our past…

5. That southern accent! Goodness, when we met it was mighty T H I C K. We used to make her say “iron” all the time because it sounded like “I-on”. I wonder if she’ll share the story about the difference between “hurry up” and “harry up”. Bwahahahahahaha

4. The nakedness….this girl loves to be naked! Don’t let P.O.W. fool you by saying this girl is naked only after drinks because if this child had it her way she’d be naked before happy hour! In our dorm room there have been plenty of times when I’ve woken up with Diva handing the phone to me stark naked.

3. I’ll preface this by saying… "WE WERE NOT GROUPIES”! We did however know a few players on our schools football and basketball team. There was one incident when we ran into a few football players at the local strip club because we were “dared” to go in and ask for a job. Then there was a brief stalker infatuation with a basketball player, Mr. P. Do you still have his YMCA card?

2. She is a “dirty" LOUD mouth talker !!! You can use your imagination on this one, what you’re thinkin’ is what this woman is sayin’. I’ve actually had to leave the HOUSE once or twice.

1. Our threesome! Ok, not really, but let me say being a Wing-woman is hard! Especially when the guy has stank breath and drinks your beer out of your cup. (I could’ve killed him!!!)

There are plenty of other stories that I do have pictures of...Galveston, TX, men washing your feet and sucking your toes, riding motorcycles, being underage and sneaking into clubs. Don’t tempt me; I’ll scan that picture of you wearing underwear as a bikini!



True2me said...

LMAO...I love it and can relate

I love being nekkid and cussing too

OOH these are good

Lisa said...

Hahaha hilarious!
I didn't imagine you with a southern accent...

Anonymous said...


So true. I've learned to live with the nakedness. I really don't see it anymore LOL

That was hilarious

She tries her hardest not to sound "southern" now



True - nakedness is the spice of life. I'm naked right now. What can I say *shrugs*

Lisa - I do not have an accent, LOL... most people have no clue where I'm from & usually say something like California or the Islands, lol

POW - If I have an accent, you have an accent

Chaotically Calm said...

LMAO...I would never think of Diva with an accent. I always picture here as the black IT girl sort of like a mix of Toni and Maya from girlfriends.

I love this cameos keep em coming Diva.

Breezy830 said...

Her southern accent is "fading", or I don't hear it anymore.

Do you know what happened to Mr. P's YMCA card?


Breezy - IDK. I remember thinking I should keep it in case he became a mega star then I could sell it on Ebay, but well... he faded into the background. People would be like Mr.P, who???

Cheekie said...

HAHAHA, I LOVE these friend reveals. Adds some spiciness to your already-spicy blog! Great idea!

And I'm like Lisa, I did not imagine you with a southern accent. It's one of those things you can't put your finger on as to why, but there ya go. lol

Tunde said...

wow. this is funny.

BlkBond said...

Diva...we may have to hang out (laughs). Just when I think it ends, it gets better! The nakedness...dirty mouth...that's what's up!

Seriously, though, should I choose Vegas or Miami for Labor day weekend?

Surely a party person such as yourself has an opinion...


undressingHER said...

did I read something about a naked screamer? I'm interested already, lol.


@Bond - one word for you....VEGAS

@ UndressingHer - Welcome. Yes. to both...

Hmmm, but
clearly though, I should clarify this "dirtiness"'s only in the bedroom, behind closed doors. I can't help it if Breezy happended to hear one or two things... thin walls