Monday, August 10, 2009

He's Wearing Eau de Desperate

Saturday night, while on my around the city club tour, I met this guy "Jim". He was cool at first. Until we chatted for a min. He was laying on the compliments...really thick. Kind of like a layer of peanut butter. Anyways, he asked for my number. I really didn't think nothing of it. Now and days asking for numbers is equivalent to "making sure I still got it". And let's be honest, I'm good at stroking ego's as anyways. Same night about 3:00am, Jim sends me a text.

Jim: What are you doing? I'm hungry, wanna grab breakfast?
Me: No. I'm going to bed. Call me tomorrow

(We know what this call was, right class?)

Fast forward to this morning. Jim sends me a morning text, wanting to know when we can see each other. I say I don't know, call me later. He calls. Short & to the point:

(after 3 seconds of pleasantries)
Jim: I want to see you.
Me: Uhhh, today? I'm busy.
Jim: Today, tomorrow, soon
Me: Well, maybe we can meet for coffee or something at Starbucks after my appointment.
Jim: Oh, I was gonna pick you up & bring you back to my place
Me: No.

I think the name of his cologne is Eau de Desperate.


Shannon said...

Or Eau de Can't Take a Hint.

True2me said..."pick you up and take you back to my place" WHERE THEY DO THAT AT

Anonymous said...

LOL Thats hilarious. Why do men thinks its that easy. Do women really respond to that?

Dr. J said...

I like to hear the dialogue of the way men kick wack game. It's clear from his communication what his intentions are. Men would get so much further if they would take a step back and look at what they're doing from a bird's eye perspective. Personally, I feel like even if your intentions are just to smash, then at least conduct yourself with a little tact.

Can't lie though, I blame women for this... Somehow along the way this has worked for him. That's the only reason why he keeps trying it.

Chaotically Calm said...

Wow so does that usually work for him...I know you don't know but I'm just very curious.

Tunde said...

wow. who does that? get some class about yourself.

Adventuresaurus Girl said...

OMG, did he think that would work? LOL

StarrBURST! said...

UGH I need space just reading this! Dude GET A LIFE!! Some friends! Something!

Anonymous said...

damn see this is why i don't like giving my number out. that's why i'm changing the number again after some weaker moments in the land of kimchi.


@ Shannon... or Eau de Loser!

@ True...WDDDA? Answer. Apparently DC clubs!

@ Everyone...apparently yes, it worked with someone. For every 10 women he asks, he has a 10% chance of getting a to increase his percentage, he probably asks 100 women yearly, and 10 say yes...

mr. nichols said...

i don't understand why these dudes can't read the signs and see that the tactless, pushy approach does not work. smh.

Anonymiss said...


Journey to my soul said...

It worked with the last girl. Dudes wont do it unless it works from time to time. So he gave it another try.

10% would be batting real low. lol One of my boys says crazy stuff like that to women all the time and you wouldnt believe the stuff he gets away with and still gets the number. I mean he gets played hard too, but to him, as long as he batting .333 he is good.

BlkBond said...

I agree with Journey to the Soul. A long time ago, while doing telemarketing, an old salesman told me that the technique does not matter: it is the individual who is selling. His sales team alone was making him 5-10K a week not to mention his own salary. After talking with him, I applied this in all aspects of my own life. I have done all kinds of introductions-many range from insane to disrespectful, but it is effective all the same because the women are sold before I say anything. You only have to close.


Notnuts said...

Poor delivery, but at least he's honest about what he's looking for.