Tuesday, August 18, 2009

36 Hours in Boston, Semi-Date, Convo's With Brian

I'm drinking and blogging. The two don't mix, but I need to give my updates.

Made it back from Boston in one piece. Boston, Boston. I didn't see much of it. More on that tomorrow. What I really want to blog about is my conversation with Brian. Ummm. We talked for a lil over thirty minutes. I called him. We talked about Vegas, things to do there, and how he just brought his ticket to go home that weekend. My trip to Boston, N.O., his birthday, my birthday (he extended an invite to N.O. if I don't do Cancun, said I would like it) his new drinking buddy (the flask), other upcoming things.

(Side Note: I had two margarita's & a homemade vodka, lemon juice & peach schnapps, I hope I don't read this tomorrow & be like WTF: End Side Note)

Here are our e-mail exchanges from last week (uneditied):

E-mail (Diva to Brian)

No e-mail, no call, text, flair messages??? You suck ass, ass munch... How are you?

E-Mail (Brian to Diva)

My bad! How are you?? I did think of texting you to let you know the flask has become my new road buddy. Meaning fillinf her up and making drinks in N.O before I go out. So how was DC when all my Bruhs were there?

Response (Diva to Brian)

I'm cool. I'm going to Boston on Friday. I went out to one of your sponsored events (Bruhs) one night, but for the most part I did other stuff. Went to Z-bar one night...those dudes are aggressive. Someone tried to lick my face...eeewwww I applied for a couple of International gigs. One is a 9-month assignment in Africa, Jamaica, Asia, Mexico or Brazil the other is a 5 week volunteer thing, the thing I told you about! In any case cross your fingers for me!

I think you should name your new flask?

Have you met any cool peeps to hang with?

If you wanna join me & my BFF in Vegas, the offer is still opened. The 3rd-6th of September. Party like a rock star!!! (well atleast I plan on it, you know how I roll)

Response (Brian to Diva)

FUCK I so forgot abt the Vegas trip. I so Could of gone bc I am going home during that time;-( Well party for me. Yes, my Bruhs can be a hand full at times. I hope things work out for you and maybe you will get the Jamaica one ;-) I know how you like that place.

In Other News
I went on a semi-date yesterday. We worked out...literally. A mile & half of jogging, a mile & a half of walking, push-ups & running stairs.

In Other, Other News
Do Not Answer, aka Brooklyn sent me a text apologizing for acting weird. He blamed it on the alcohol. Then he called me three times. I did not answer, nor return the text


Anonymous said...

i'm happy to hear you guys are on what seems to be good terms.

Anonymous said...

My pop up box won't work :-(

Great Post. I think Brian would've had fun partying with the two hottest chicks in Vegas LOL


JEM said...

Yay...that date sounded good and original...


Why can't I ever post my ish?

True2me said...

Isn't it hard to be friends when you have feelings..if not..forget my question

I didn't see drunkeness in that post at all..GOOD JOB lol

I need to do a drunk post..see what i come up w


Things seem ok. They will never be the same, but it's good talking to him

@ Jem - He had to go back to the drawing board cause I shot down his first idea - "cooking at his place" - hell no dude

True - I don't know yet. He's there & I'm here. Right now it's pretty easy...Ha!!!!

Cheekie said...

Aw, I miss you and Brian. ;)

LMFAO @ Brooklyn apologizig for his weird actions, blaming it on the alcohol, then proceeding to commit yet another stalkerish crime all over again.

Adventuresaurus Girl said...

I am annoyed at Brooklyn for you. Such a pest! Reminds me of someone I know out here in SF.

mr. nichols said...

A physical date is always a good look. Any plans for a follow up?