Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend Update: Wedding Bells The Partial Review

Saturday Night
6 almost 7 glasses of wine
A glass of champagne

DC is getting smaller and smaller. Granted my circle is pretty diverse and I often go to “new” and different events, places and hang out with different people. But I still manage to run into the same people. Case in point. Guess who I ran into on Thursday...Akeem. Ring a bell??? Actually this isn’t my first time running into him, since the infamous “non-date”. I’ve ran into him a few times. Once I didn’t recognize him because he changed his look completely. No, he didn’t do a Michael Jackson, but it was almost akin to an “Extreme Makeover”. I will give it to him though, he looked good pre and post-extreme makeover.

So I ran into him AGAIN this weekend. The only reason, I’m blogging about this run in, is because it was more than a “hi, how are you”. Thursday night we ended up leaving the bar, going to another bar, and I gave him a ride to his humble abode. Upon departure, he gave me a hug, that was a cross between “good to see you and wish you would come up”.

Now Saturday, here's where the shit get's interesting. But before I go into the details of Saturday late night, I have a confession, well not really, cause the news broke on twitter first. I went to a wedding with Mr. Henry. (pause) In my defense, the wedding was of a former client, so I didn't want to go solo. Had it been friends or family, I wouldn't mind. But to sit through a boring wedding and reception without a side-kick, is the equivalent of torture in time-out, in the corner, and by the way the wedding WAS boring.

So going with Mr. Henry made it somewhat bearable. No we aren't falling back into old habits, well atleast I'm trying not to. We talked and caught up, but I would say 64% of the time I zoned out & was in my own world. Can't help it, sometimes he talked about stuff I didn't feel like listening to. I got a text from Akeem during the reception, asking me what I was doing. I told him about my plans to chill because I was at a wedding. So after the reception, I drop Mr. H at the Metro and make my way to what was supposed to be a chill lounge. Some other friends were meeting me there, as well as Akeem.

I get there and it's crowded. Cool but crowded. So my friends make it, and introductions go around. I notice at some point Akeem and one of my friends are sitting EXTREMELY close together, heads bowed in deep conversation...

To Be Continued.... I'm on my second drink and am tired! Yeah, yeah...sue me.


Tunde said...

so how did you introduce mr. henry to your co workers?

"this is mr. henry, my friend" or "this is mr. henry, my ex-lover"

hmmm. akeem and your friend. interesting.

Anonymous said...

you always leave us hanging.

Chaotically Calm said...

Hey Diva, you know you're the queen of a cliff hanger...I must come back to hear the rest of the weekend shenanigans!


ahhh, I was tired!!!

They weren't co-workers. Just clients of my business... Mr. Henry gets no special intro... it was this is Mr. Henry, lol

True2me said...

i think akeem is seeing one of your friends


Anonymous said...

Are you gonna tell the story of the a-hole?