Monday, August 10, 2009

The Weekend Update: March of the Penguins

Sorry for slacking on the updates, but I’m so used to writing twits in 140 characters or less, writing a blog seems like writing a novel right now! In any case, I had a good weekend (with the exception of yesterday, yesterday was a beast). Here’s the weekend review in no particular order...

7. Well since I fell of the pink sexy wagon on Thursday, I decided to go hard Friday & Saturday.
Friday = 5 glasses of wine, 2 Amstel Lights, 1 shot
Saturday = 4 Red Bull & vodka’s, 1 vanilla Stoli & lime, 1 Rum Runner

6. Friday was mostly chilling with the chick friends. Started off on U, went to NY Ave. Ended up back on U. Started at 6, didn’t get home till 2:30...I’m surprised I made it. Saturday was club hopping. Three clubs+ one night=good times.

5. I still don’t understand why guys continue to wear sunglasses in the clubs. Guess they didn’t get the “you are lame if you wear sunglasses in the club” memo.

4. I’ve been meeting a lot of guys from Brooklyn lately. Three things I noticed. (1) the migration from Brooklyn to DC. I feel like it’s equivalent to the march of the penguins. Like really. I’ve met like 30 guys from Brooklyn this weekend. Ok maybe not 30... (2). They talk a good game (3) Shy is not in their vocabulary. I met this young guy from Brooklyn two weeks ago. I told him he was too young for me. He was a persistent little something. He stroked my ego and was like, “what, you’re only like 23 or 24 right?”...talked my number right out of my hand, and I was sober!

3. I had to twit about this Saturday night. This guy tried to lick my face. Did I miss something. Is licking faces the new “in” thing?

2. This was the week/weekend Brian was supposed to be in town. I deleted his number after the last time I talked to him, so I never called to see if he was still coming. Saturday, I went to one of “our” spots we used to frequent for the first time since his departure. It was kind of weird, because I used to go there with him all the time. I almost expected him to pop up and start his “so you think you can dance” antics.

1. I start my string of vacations...first up Boston, Friday. Can’t wait. Boston get ready!


Tunde said...

you didn't know? you'd be surprised how far persistence can get you (name that movie quote).

i see you've rejoined that ranks of "sexy vodka". lol. good job.


Movie Quote - "Superbad" ???

And it's "SexyVodka", lol. No space. On sale for $33.69 - you want a bottle

Chaotically Calm said...

I wouldn't consider that falling off the's more like reuniting with an old friend or pre-vacation drinks...ok maybe it is falling off the wagon but it seems like you had a blast. Yay to you!

23yr olds have a lot of energy and that's all I gonna say about that!

Tunde said...

ohh SexyVodka. I'll take a bottle.

and the movie is Love Jones. What Darius told Nina when he showed up at her apartment after he got her address off the check she wrote at the liquor store (i've seen that movie like 30 times lol).


Chaotically. Hmmm, about the 23 year olds...I may do some research. Eeewwww. wait. I can't go no lower than 25. my brother will be 23 soon....gross

Oh, & yes, it was a fmily reunion, not falling off. Me & vodka are like this close <>

Tunde, I should have known that. Love Jones is my absolute favorite... damn, I might give you a $5.00 discount on "SexyVodka, lol

Adventuresaurus Girl said...

No joke, a guy licked me on the neck two or so weeks ago. We were not making out or anything, we were in dance class. I hope this isn't a new thing... Is it spreading from San Francisco to DC?

Hampers said...

Nice blog. Enjoyed going through it. Keep it up the good work. Cheers :)