Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Vault: Mr Romantic (Part 2 of 2)

Sooo, we're on the couch watching the movie and I fall asleep...I know, bad right, but he got over it. He wakes me up and we go upstairs to his room. Now, a lot of things are going through my mind simultaneously, "do I stay, I'm tired, it's cold outside, he's gonna try to do me, even if he says he's not, he will try, I don't feel like driving, I should go"

I stayed (Bad Diva) sex. He tried. We fooled around. No sex. I woke up at the butt crack of dawn and tried to sneak out. He woke up and walked me to the door, asked me what I was doing for the day, blah, blah, blah.

So, we continue to talk, go on a few lunch dates...then it fizzles. Now there are some major things about Mr. Romantic that I didn't like. However, I'm trying to do a happy post, awww, hell, who am I kidding: he had a small man complex. He tried to BOSS me around and talk over me. When we would have a friendly little Political conversation, he HAD to ALWAYS be right (so he thought), he wore shoulder pads in his suits which gave him a weird upside down triangle shape. He was waaay skinnier than me, he almost looked mal-nourished, like he was on a bread & water only diet, which was a turn-off...other than that, he was ok....whew, ok.

He continued to call/text. We stayed in touch somewhat. Then one day, he said something that no guy has ever said to me before, "you don't want a man do you"?

WTF. Uhhh

Me: Why do you say that?

Him: I'm trying to be with you, but when I talk to you about relationships, etc, you stay stuff to make me think you don't want a man.

(You know what I was thinking in my head right?)

Me: (Silence) Uhhh, I do.

Him: No you don't.

Me: Ok

That was the last conversation we had for almost a year, until recently, when he used my side business (i.e. side hustle), and tried to find the PERFECT opportunity to bring up the fact he had a girlfriend...good for you...I don't care.

The thing I took away from our whole interaction, was that for once in one of our conversations, he was right. I didn't want anything at the time (at least with him), hell I don't know what I want NOW.

One minute I want a boyfriend, then the next I'm gallivanting to Jamaica, and drinking rum punch with my crush on a nude beach...


Tunde said...

lol. this date ended just how i imagined. don't you hate when ppl you used to deal with find ways to tell you how happy they are in their current situation? like why the hell do you think i care? lol


What's even funnier is you could be talking about something as random as peanut butter and eggs, then they say something like..."speaking of peanut butter, I have a girlfriend and she likes peanut butter"... lol, like WTF?

Cheekie said...

"(You know what I was thinking in my head right?)"

Yeah, I imagined you thinking, "I just don't want YOU".

@Tunde - I know I hate that mess. When they try to connect the most far out thing with their current situation, you could tell it had been on their mind all day and they were itching at the chance to bring it up. Which makes me care even less than I had before. lol

True2me said...

lmao @ him pressed to say he has a girl..I was just reaing "she aint the one" by Carl Webber and that psycho in there was pressed to tell her exes she had a man

anyhoo.. like him make me sick. Like just cause he a man, and I'm a woman, I want to be with you.


you'll know what you want when it comes to you and you want it *if you understand that* lol

Dr. J said...

This story is why we keep Red Bull in the whip.

Losers find ways to tell you they have a girlfriend because they secretly wish it had been you. You should have replied, "I'm glad you got someone to fill the position. Sorry I had to turn it down."

True2me said...

good response dr. J. lol

my ex hubby and derranged dog of an ex bf were PRESSED to let me know they moved on

kick rocks

this is especially true if you broke up with THEM

its more so an attempt to prove someone still wants them

True2me said...

good response dr. J. lol

my ex hubby and derranged dog of an ex bf were PRESSED to let me know they moved on

kick rocks

this is especially true if you broke up with THEM

its more so an attempt to prove someone still wants them

BlkBond said...

Mr. Romantic sounds like Mr. Simp. All that caking and no cream. Sad indeed.

Bond. BlkBond.

Mz Mami said...

Yeah what's with guys not understanding and/or being too cocky to admit that just because you don't want to be with HIM, doesn't mean you don't want anything with anyone because you THINK you are God;s gift to women doesn't make it so!!

That feeding thing made me laugh. That's awkward. lol

Kristen said...

I admire you. I would not have been so nice. I would have told him straight out that I did want a "man," but he was not a "man." Hey, I found a really funny dating book you should check out. It will help you get rid of those guys who don't deserve you. It's called Why I Love Men: The Joys of Dating. See what you think!

KBB said...

Sounds like he is a weak man with issues. I will bet his issues cause him problems with women and he thinks the problem is with the women. Based on him telling you about his new girl, he had then, he has issues now.

Don't go spinning your wheels over the actions of a fool. I think you just want to make a good life for yourself and find the right someone who fits in it. Everybody wants that.

Everybody wants the love of their life and, from time to time, everybody will say "screw this" and go hang out on the beach. Like my mom use to say, "calm down, it's just life".

Tunde said...


you're right. dude does sound like a simp. lol.

Marrell said...

Well you were nice so good karma points for you. The whole feeding you thing was a little serial killerish, sorry. If he spent more time eating the food he feeds his dates he probably wouldn't be so skinny. Just saying.


@ Cheekie - you hit the nail on the head...exactly what I was thinking

@ True - Yeah, I'm chilling. I'm having a good time, not pressed, but you're right. I'll know...

@ Dr. J - I'm immune to Redbull...ha, gotta come stronger ...

@ Kristen - I may have to check it out. I know what my problem is though... I give guys my number when I'm drunk, then they wanna take me out & I give em a chance...and guys now and days put the number in the phone right then & there by calling your phone...

Like I said though, I'm not worried about it. I still manage to have fun... stories will be funny when I'm in my "golden years" and I bore the fam with, "I remember when...stories"

@ KBB - Thanks. I don't take it that seriously. Your Moms is right, and I learned to just have fun a long time ago!

@ Marrell - Thanks. I need all the Karma points I can get. Karma's a b*tch