Monday, October 13, 2008

Sunday Confessions

Confession # 1

After spending most of the day shopping & hanging out with Mr. Henry, I managed to squeeze in a date with Latino Papi Alex. Yep, after I deleted his number, he continued to send me text messages until I responded. Last week we set up a date to meet, but I cancelled because I was with Mr. Henry all day.

Yesterday, we finally see each other after a few months. My choice is none other than pool again. We meet at the place we initially met each other. We shoot a few games then sit and talk. I like his personality. He loves to travel just as much as I do and he loves food!!! What a great combo! Food, traveling, & fun. We call it an early night after we make tentative plans to see each other again next Sunday. He walks me to my car and gives me a hug. I had fun.

Confession # 2

When Mr. Henry was over on Saturday I locked my phone. Why? Because a few years ago I caught him going through it. Brian, Chris & Old Man Benjamin & I had been sending text messages back & forth to each other most of the night. I'm not sure if he would do that now, but I didn't want to take any chances although most of them were innocent.

Confession # 3

Brian and I started planning another trip together. This time 4 days in sunny, beautiful, sexy Jamaica. We'll be staying in the same room again. I'm curious about how this will play out. I'm going to do better planning this time, unlike the Miami trip!!!

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