Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Slim Options

Tonight my options were hanging with the new guy or hanging with the old guy…Old Man Benjamin won out; he’s like Old Yeller, trusty, reliable, old…“woman’s” best friend. Anyways the reason why I opted for the old man is because I wasn’t really feeling the new guy “Andrew”.

I met Andrew this weekend at the karaoke bar. He’s young. Not just age wise, mentally as well. He’s 24, but I’d say he acts like a 19 year old boy who’s never been out of the house, never approached a woman or had an actual real conversation with a person!!!

He called me on Sunday and just sat there. So me, being the clever one, had to facilitate the conversation. I got off the phone with him 3 minutes later. I couldn’t take it!!! He sent me a few text messages about hanging out, but he was more indecisive about where to go than I am about picking out what shoes I’m going to wear…so I opted for old reliable.

Old Man Benjamin and I met up at a wine bar/restaurant & had dinner. We talked for over two hours about relationships, dating & randomness. I felt the need to drop the hint, that I’m “not looking for a boyfriend right now” just so he wouldn’t get any ideas. We had a good time; from there we went to the bookstore and just browsed & hung out. It was a simple, laid back kind of date…I enjoyed it.

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