Monday, October 6, 2008

F'in Fabulous Friday

I had a really, really great Friday. So, great, I almost want to repeat it every Friday! At first I wasn't going to go out, but I wanted to start working on getting my new line up. I started the night with happy hour drinks at a local lounge, went to a few more bars, actually went to a strip!!! That's where all the guys are...hmmm, it was quite interesting. I wonder if they have amateur night...just kidding...maybe...

Went to more clubs, but had a thought halfway through the drinking experience. I was horny...extremely horny. It's been awhile. (three weeks is a long time!) I call Mr. Henry.

Me: Where are you, I'm horny

Mr. Henry: Are you serious?

Me: Yes.

Mr. Henry: Are you sure you didn't have sex with 9 inches in Miami? (That's what he calls Brian...long story)

Me: Nothing happened

Mr. Henry: Ok, call me when you're on your way

Me: Don't go to sleep

Mr. Henry: I won't


Shawn Smith said...

Too too funny.

Model Elaine said...

This is how I roll. My style!


I'm hoping for a repeat tomorrow!!!