Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Semi-Date with Chris

Last night after a month of texting back and forth & cancelling dates ( I had to cancel Monday due to a bad hair day!), Chris & I finally saw each other again! I went to his place to catch the last hour of the debates. He has the quintessential bachelor's pad ....minimal! (but clean) His main piece of furniture is a pool table. I love it! I must admit, I was a little nervous getting out at his place. He stays in the hood...real hood. When I got there EMS trucks and like ten fire trucks were outside his front door! I may have to wear a bulletproof vest the next time I visit him!

We snuggled up on the couch and laughed & made stupid jokes about the debate. It was great. At one point we were holding hands, & he was laying on me...I have to admit, it was kind of nice...just chilling.

We made out a little....then his hand started to roam a little too south...I didn't mind, but I have my hands full with Mr. there's a new guy who may be joining the line-up!

I told him I had an early morning and I had to go. He walked me out & gave me a goodnight kiss. On my way home he sent me a message and said how great it was seeing me and we must do it again...hmmm, I think I'll take him up on that offer!


Shawn Smith said...

Admit it, that pool table will be in your future plans.