Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekend = Wet

Short, sweet & wet = my weekend

Despite the weather being just bit of a damper, I managed to squeeze in a bit of fun. Nothing to jump up and down about and get excited over, but just enough to wet my taste buds. Thursday night, I went to a chill lounge with chick friends. It wasn’t a party like it’s 1999 time, but I loved the vibe and music and people. I can see me hanging there every Thursday night.

My trip to Philly ended up getting cancelled for Saturday. Despite that small blip, I still went to a friends bon voyage party. She pretty much got trashed and I was the sober one...what can I say. Guess I’m “chilling”.

Yesterday was the movies with Jason. It was cool, our typical movie “un-date”. All in all it was pretty low-key (read: ehhh according to my party standards!!!)

There were no Mr. Henry rendezvous, no new guys, although old one’s try to resurface, i.e. texts from Latino Papi Alex and a call from Island Prince John.


Dr. J said...

Hmm.. non dates and no Mr. H? Sounds like a quiet weekend. Don't worry, you never miss anything by not going to Philly.

In other news, this is Dr. J saying hi... hope all is well.

Tunde said...

low key weekends are always cool.

also, i was up and down your street (read: U St) on saturday. indulj then republic. lol


My favorite Dr. What's going on...

Kaz said...

AHHAAH watch out for this guy diva! he sounds like an eager beaver! good luck with getting rid of him :)