Monday, September 21, 2009

“Kink”end In With Mr. Henry & Other News

This weekend was low-key. Aside from going to a fight party. I spent the majority of it with Mr. Henry. Ummmm. What can I say? We spent most of the weekend horizontally, taking pictures (rather, him taking pictures of me) and eating & drinking. It kind of felt good...just to lay around. Oh, and some of our conversations were quite interesting.

1. He asked me if I had sex while I was in the Dominican

2. He brought up the phrases “if we get married”, “when we have kids”,

3. I told him “we are not having kids”

4. We talked about taking a trip.

5. He told me about some more of his other kinky fetishes, then proceeded to show me on the computer

6. He asked me if I loved him

In Other News

I talked to Brian for awhile. He’s thinking of coming here the beginning of October. Our last few conversations have been about traveling either to NO, out of the country or here. Nothing is concrete yet.

The next two trips on my agenda: Philly and Michigan

Before I left for the Dominican, Jason and I went to the movies. Afterwards we got ice cream and walked around downtown arm in arm. It was really cute, sort of date-ish, although, it wasn’t a date. But it felt like one. I thought about whether or not I could see myself dating him, and it’s hard to see past the occasional movie date. He’s a bit of a homebody, and doesn’t seem like he would take the initiative to do anything outside of his comfort zone....and oh yea, he’s younger than me by like three years...


True2me said...

whoa @ number 6

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

Married? Having kids? The L word?! Mr. Henry what is really going on here??

Tunde said...

sometimes it's good to just lounge around on the weekends. you're conversation with mr. henry is a bit shocking. kind of seems like it came out of nowhere.

stay tuned (prob twitter) for the bday party information for this weekend.

Anonymous said...

awh how cute he's thinking bout the future. i guess he thinks if you can spit on him you will do all the other kinky stuff he wants and maybe you will become wifey. hehee you never know

i never have sex on vacation. i don't even meet hot guys on vacation, i'm usually just so happy to be on vacation.

Chaotically Calm said...

Awls yeah Diva you're coming to my stomping grounds...make sure you hit up Cuba Libre, I know you like salsa ...anywho the Mr Henry convo seems all types of shocking but as MLM said what's a little love after spitting lmao!

Remember young men have stamina...I'm just saying ;-0)

Anonymous said...

Wtf? What the hell is going on with Mr. H. He doesn’t sound like himself. You guys are gonna be like Big and Carrie except it won't be Paris


BFrank84 said...

Oh my at Love....Love??? what thats<----ass backwards


Welcome BFrank...

@ Everyone, I think Mr. H bumbed his head during one of the sessions....or had too much to drink. In any case, we didn't have a repeat this weekend, so all is forgiven...

@ Tunde - I'm mad at you. you are in time-out. I didn't get any b-day info :(