Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Update Continued: Straight No Chaser

So I know I left you hanging, but well didn't you enjoy my treats? Anyways I have one more in store for you, but let me get this out the way. Straight and to the point. Akeem and my friend exchanged numbers. They were talking most of the night, he was stuck her like white on rice (my mom used to say that...sue me) and I was tipsy and talking to my other friend about it. I honestly don't remember everything I was saying or what I said. I felt some type of way about it though, not jealous or mad...just something. Anywho, at the end of the night, me and him are talking and he asks me why we never hit it off (pause....double pause). I'll leave it at that.

In Other News:

Vegas, Thursday. I so need this like I need a big tall glass of vodka right now. Oh yea, the news broke on twitter first...I talked to Brian last night. Another trip may be on the rise. I won't lie, I miss him like I missed vodka when I went without for 17days... remember that? I was feening for vodka. His birthday is on Monday.

I'm going to the movies with Jason if I don't flake again.


Anonymous said...

people are funny like that. i see guys do that i wonder if it really works. i mean jumping from person to person in one night. anyways, new orleans here she comes.

Tunde said...

akeem goes hard. can't knock the hustle though.

hope you have fun in vegas.

True2me said...

Least you weren't jealous or mad that he was woulda been weird tho

Umm..okay at the Brian thing

and HAVE FUN IN coworker goin next bout to plan a trip to vegas..bump that