Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'd Do Him, Road Trip, Text Messages, Dirty Old Men

I don't know where to no particular order

5. Text Messages with the BFF:

Me: I was so horny last night. I couldn't fall asleep. I don't see how you went a whole year. I'm barely through month 3

POW: LOL. It was Hard the first couple of months. That's why I had B.O.B

Later, the same day...

Me: Ewwww. The police officer is a horn dog. He was trying to j.o. to my voice

POW: Ewww. Most cops are

4. Police-Officer Back story: So the officer I met Sunday night, called me Sunday & yesterday. We talked yesterday for a little bit. He kept telling me how sexy he thought my voice was and that it was causing him to be thing I know he's grunting like a dog in heat and is making noises, and is telling me he's being bad. I told him bye, and hung up mid-grunt.

He called me tonight....I pushed ignore call...

3. Mr. H and I are embarking on a 9-hr road trip on Friday. To be continued...

2. I talked to Kiddie-care daycare tonight, we have a tentative date set-up again

1. I'm not sure if it's the fact that I'm curious about the little young thing's stamina and energy (Jubi has me convinced by her previous comment) but I think, I pretty much made up my mind that he's doable, and I'd do him. It's up to him to mess it up.

Most women know whether or not we'd do a guy anyways. The guys usually mess it up, either through talking or stupid actions that has us clutching our panties tightly. Oh and they get moved to the category, of "never-mind", what was I thinking... "I wouldn't do him with a 10-foot pole".


Jubilance said...

Good point abt the boytoy...its up to him to mess it up. I got $5 that he won't, so have fun & enjoy all the perks of having a boytoy ;-)

*sigh* I miss having a boytoy....

P.O.W said...

LOL @ the text. I think you're hiatus will end soon *cough* (9 hour road trip with Mr. H)*cough* excuse me had to clear my throat. I keep telling you to get a BOB but you won't listen.

I think I might take your advice and get a boytoy. Still contemplating whether I want to deal with an Xbox obsession and a curphew.

P.O.W said...

oh yeah no comment on the dirty cop. Do you remember my 21st birthday? (maybe you should tell that story someday ♥) We were staying at the hotel because i had to get to the airport and those cops came back to the room and that nasty one was grinding me in my sleep and then he tried the same thing at the airport. Grunting and making noises. Ewwww!!!!

Anonymous said...

". . . I'm curious about the little young thing's stamina and energy . . . "

Stamina and energy, yes, but at his age it is often packed into a climatic 30 seconds of paceless exuberance.

"I wouldn't do him with a 10-foot pole"

Anatomically speaking, I have always thought that was more appropriate for a guy to say.

Tunde said...

rubbing one out to the sound of your voice? wow. i guess you had some effect on him.

i hope things work out with the youngster as well.

Anonymous said...

have you ever noticed how men of different ages do it a little different? anyways, glad to see you posting. hope all is well otherwise.

P.O.W said...

instead of ten foot pole maybe you should say I wouldn't do him with somebody else's "vajayjay"

Chaotically Calm said...

Hey Diva,

I always tell my friends it's the first three months that feel like you're gonna die. If you can get past that time you can probably survive a year.

And you are so right. We size up men the second we meet them like ahem yup I'd do him. All it takes is a few mis-steps and they tumble into that black hole of men who won't ever see it let alone touch it.

Oh and that 9hr roadtrip...LOL!!!! I'll wait to hear the details later.