Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Paper, Plastic, Visa, Passport...

So last Sunday, Gustav and I met. He called me three times, and all three were quite weird, as his accent was pretty thick, which made the phone conversations hard. As you can probably tell by his name, he's not American, which I have no problem with. I can do united colors of international. So anyways, we agree to hang out on Friday. Friday comes and the plans aren't really set. I suggest U street, my favorite DC hang out locale, and he says he can't do U street. I thought it was quite odd, but ok. So we meet in Dupont Circle. Again, no plans. Just meet. I can flow, but, for our first "date" flowing and walking around the circle was not what I had in mind. Plus I only allotted him a two-hour window, as I was meeting friends on U street anyways.

SIDE NOTE: I learned my lesson with all night dates. There is now a 2 hr time-limit. ADD usually kicks in around the 1:47 minute mark anyways :END SIDE NOTE

Since he gave up all things meaty and tasty for Lint, he decides we should go eat rabbit food at a salad spot. I can do green things, so I didn't mind. We stop at the atm, walk around the circle, then finally happen upon the veg friendly place. He's telling me about his day, studying for test taking, woo-sa-ing, then he hits me with, "you know I'm married right"?


Me: Ummmm, no. If I knew you were married I wouldn't have given you my number. Well that changes everything. We can't hang out.

Him: Really, why not? I like you, and I'm just doing it to get my papers. She knows that.

Me: Does she know you're out with me?

Him: No

Me: Well then.

Him: So we can't be friends? I'm really really feeling you.

Me: No

Him: We aren't really together, I just have to ....you know...keep it up. It's just papers. I don't love her.

Me: Nope I'm sorry

Him: Man, I'm so sad. You mean we really can't hang out.

Me: Nope

After I left, I went to U Street. Had adult beverages with adult friends, and met Mr. barely legal...


Tunde said...

wow. at least he told you early on and let you make the decision to continue seeing him or not. it's still messed up though. now i wanna hear how you met barely legal.

BlkBond said...

Would the outcome have been different if he told you she knew he was out with you?

Maybe mine was illy about her papers too, or just didn't want to upset the hierarchy of their culture and become a pariah. (I know...but damn, she was bad..Mrs. Bond bad...)


PS-I copped another one (laughs) They are drawn to me/my features or something...see you out this weekend (wink)

That Tiffany said...

Love how he just throws in there "you know I am married right?" HA! Priceless!
If it is a marriage just so that he can get his papers, why didn't he tell her that he was on a date with you!?!?!?!?!?!


@ Tunde - yeah, I'm mad he works at my favorite grocery store...oh well

@ Bond - we need to "talk". Ummm, had he introduced me to her and she gave me her blessing, I'm still not sure...maybe. He wasn't THAT hot and sexy though. So I'd still have some issues with it. I don't want to go to jail cause you are trying to run from "INS".

I won't fair well in jail

@ Tiffany - My point exactly. That same line must have worked on somebody...somebody

Diva Style said...

LOL....guys are really stupid. I am in the DC area, and I, too, have some crazy stories about my dating life....

Journey said...

lol, This is too funny. He just dropped it like it wasnt anything big. To me, its the first date and it just started with some complex situation that you can never truly know the true reality of, so its best to leave that alot. Im sure you can find another gustav with papers. :)

Cheekie said...

Well dayum. Makes me wish I picked barely legal. Off to read that one. lol

But, good thing you know. I mean...damn. Is he for real??

Chaotically Calm said...

Hey Diva,

Why does this sound familiar oh yeah it happened to me not that long ago. Be lucky that it happened way early...ninjas! And see I knew I picked the right story with Mr. Barely Legal!

Oh side note I like how he said all rhetorically, you know I'm married. LMAO

Ciara said...

I agree with Chaotically Calm as I was reading the story I was like I knew she should have gave us the barely legal... maybe she saved the best for last! lol


@ Diva Style - Something's in the water. I suggest bottled imported water...

@ Journey - funny, a TON of "International" guys approach me. Last night Mr. H & I was talking and he said he thinks I'm going to marry an International guy...what can I say *shrugs*

@Cheekie, Ciara, Chaotically...all I can say is I gave him a chance...I"m going to have to remember to ask guys upfront if they are married, since they seem to "forget"

P.O.W said...

"International: guys think you're an island gul because of your slow wine

Anonymous said...

catching up bwahahahaha