Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Paper Or Plastic? Are You A Job Snob???

Sometimes I can be a diva of habit. Like for example, I try to take a nap everyday. Every-single-day. Although I love my vodka...we all know what my favorite drink is...and I also tend to shop at the same neighborhood grocery store every Sunday, around the same time. I’m going somewhere with this, bare with me.

So Sunday, I partook in one of my favorite pass-times, sans the vodka. I walk in, peruse the isles. Spend time in the produce section, get my favorite frozen thing-a-ma-jigs, checkout, and head back to my car...nothing unusual from the previous Sundays...except this Sunday, “Gustav” is waiting on me.

Just like me, “Gustav” is there every Sunday too. Perhaps because he works there. Or maybe he’s the silent part-owner he just pretends he works there, and wears the name tag for shits and giggles. In any case he told me he’s been “peeping” me and wanted to get the chance to get to know me.

I’m not a job snob, as about 70% (probably more) of the guys I dated do not have “white collar” 9-5 desk jobs. I’ve dated everything from mission impossible top security military, to “life-long” college students, I promise I won’t go postal mailmen.

In saying that, I usually don’t find out what the occupation is, until after the first, second, or third drink conversation. In fact, I usually don’t ask. It usually comes up, when they ask me what I do for a living.

In saying all of this...I gave Gustav my number...but I would hope this is his side hustle, while he moonlights as a stripper student. Or maybe the economy got to him, and he had to take on extra hours, in either case, I’m “open” to hearing what the deal is...it didn’t hurt that he was hot and sexy...that always helps.

Are you a job snob, why or why not?


P.O.W said...

Ha so our convo got to you huh? I don’t think I’m a job snob, intentionally but I think I am a wage snob LOL I ‘ve dated many “blue collar” men but they made well above minimum wage. It’s not because I need a man with money but I like to go out, have fun, take trips etc and I don’t want to feel like I’m hurting him financially. I put in on these events too so I feel we should be equally yoked. I know that’s not what the bible meant by that but I like my definition. However, if a man has goals and a means to reach those goals I can work with where he is now. Hot and sexy always helps though. Maybe you could be his suga mama LMAO ♥


No, you know I don't care so much as what he does right now, as long as it's legal.

My main concern is does he plan on doing it 5 years from now...now if bagging groceries is paying premium, sign me up!!! I could use some extra dinero...

Hypothetically speaking, let's say someone you've been dating for the last few years works at the deli. He has never talked about another job/career/source of income.

Would that be a red flag for you?

Journey said...

Never judge a guy his job. Maybe judge on things like his drive, his motivation, how he handles money etc. but grocery store worker today, grocery store owner tomorrow, with a benz parked out front. you never know.

..oh yeah...Im back ;)


I feel you. Ambition & drive are extremely importanat to me. I could care less about the goal for a $80,000 car, because you won't catch me spending $80,000 on something that loses value as soon as you drive it off the lot.

I didn't say I would overlook him or any guy based on his job...I just gotta see where his head is at

Cheekie said...

Yeah, like the other ladies, ambition trumps the actual job.

I also want to add that "hot and sexy" trumps the actual job, too. lol

Tunde said...

glad to hear that you're not a job snob. lol. mainly because i don't have a job and i would hate for people to make judgments on me because of that. hope things work out with you and gustav or at least you have fun.


@ Cheekie - Hot & sexy does trump a lot, but hot & sexy doesn't last when the wrinkles begin to set in

@ Tunde - I've dated guys in school. In fact Mr. H is sorta jobless but working on his BA (he's a late bloomer, but alteast he's giving it a go) I have no problem with that, because he's said what he wanted to do/and what his goals are and he is working towards that.

I'm all for education, I'll probably be jobless in less than 6 months

Tunde said...

@DC Diva: its going to be a shock at first. then you'll get used to constantly being broke. it's a mean to an end though. :-D

Anonymous said...

nope. definitely not a job snob. as long as what he is doing is legal and he has plans to grow financially. however, an md or esq behind the name never hurt nobody!

btw love your blog!

That Tiffany said...

I would go with no, I am a simple gal. As long as he can pay to take me out on dates, and things like that, I am ok with his job.... well as long as it is legal :-/


Thanks Anon

@ That Tiffany - yea, Legal is the keyword

Ms.Minx said...

Yah, I'm going with the consensus here...drive and ambition is definitely important.

I am kinda a job snob, but I try not to be. lol

Chaotically Calm said...

Hey Diva,

How did I miss this post. Well you khow my story and most folk call me a job snob...saddity b*tch whatever. In my defense I take issue with unmotivated men, point blank period. It's one thing to fall on hard times, that I can understand but there's no reason that a grown ass man should work in a mailroom because it's easy...oh wait I started talking about myself and not your mystery shopper. I'm keeping my fingers crossed he has a side hustle.

Oh but back to the point, the reason I am a job snob or a saddity b*tch is because I expect a man to come to the table with at least what I'm coming to the table with...that really shouldn't be asking a lot.