Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Unexpected Options (Part 1 of 2)

An unexpected option may surprise you. Jason. Remember him. Kinda movie buddy, former co-worker. Well he ended up being my Friday option this weekend. Imagine, it was Friday, wet & rainy, and mother nature was kicking my ass, but I didn't want to stay in, despite my uterus feeling like a semi was hitting it over, and over, and over. I went & had a drink in Adams Morgan and sent a few texts. I almost forgot about Jason being somewhat of a homebody, but willing to "chill". I sent him a text to see what he was doing. We ended up setting up a last minute thing for the movies.

Around 10pm, I meet him, and the theatre is PACKED. We made it just in time to see our movie. Throughout it, we are laughing and making stupid jokes to each other. He grabs my hand, and we we end up holding hands most of the movie, the other part my hand is on his thigh. After the movie, we kind of walk arm in arm to my truck.

The awkward moment commences. You know the moment...

he walks me to the truck,

we stand there for a sec, he realizes he's parked one floor up and asks for a ride to his truck.

We find his truck, and I pull out the way to let him out.

He lingers for a second and tells me what a great time he had, I tell him likewise.

The car behind us goes around.

I look in my rearview.

I open my arms & give him a hug and tell him I'll see him later.

He gets out.


Tunde said...

and the plot thickens. lol

Anonymous said...

this is a cute funny story. i know all those motions and emotions.