Friday, November 20, 2009

Unexpected Option (Part 2 of 2)

Sooo, I know part 2 is a day or so late. So much, yet so little is going on. So Friday ended with Jason and I parting ways. The weekend was simple. I had business stuff to take care of, Mr. Henry was dropping hints about “coming” over and quite frankly, I’ve just been in “chill” mode.
Monday, was very, very interesting. A few things happened, first I received a call from “Grant” a new guy that I’m going on a date with tonight. He called me on Monday to see if I wanted to go on a date on Tuesday. Last minute eh? I told him I was busy, and that Friday would work best for me (all I did on Tuesday was go to the gym, but he didn’t need that info).

Second, Mr. Henry called me to see if I wanted to go to the gym with him. (he likes to watch me on the treadmill) I declined, and told him, I was going to Pilates.

Third, I text Jason to see if he was going home next week for Thanksgiving. A few texts and a conversation later, I’m at his place taking my clothes off, just kidding!!! We decided to catch a movie yes I know we just seen one on Friday run an errand, and grab an impromptu bite to eat.

The whole time we are joking with each other and just having a good time. The weather is nice, we are both in a good mood, and he drove, so I had a chance to just be. We make it to the movie just as it’s starting, so we sat up front. Throughout the movie, we make little comments to each other, at one point he grabs my hand, and is rubbing it, playing with it, interlacing our fingers.

The movie gets deep.

My gaze is transfixed on the screen.

I’m trying to hold it back.

Diva’s don’t cry A few silent tears escape.

Jason reaches over and rubs the tears off my face. And holds my hands tighter.

Jason (whispering): Aweee are you crying, it’s ok. Don’t cry.

Me: No, I’m not crying. It’s your breath, it has me in tears. I told you not to say words that begin with ahhh

Jason: (Laughing) Whatever.

After the movie, we talk about it, and head back to his place. A few things to note about our outing:

1) While we were eating, he asked me about Brian. I almost forgot I told him, I had a crush on him. We had a conversation

2) He’s such a F’n gentleman, opens car doors, front doors, just doors in general, let’s me walk in first, walks me to the truck, pushes me out of the way, so cars won’t hit me. You almost forget to expect “gentlemanly behavior”.

3) The verdict is out...


Tunde said...

looks like someone might be moving up the ranks. nice.

Cheekie said...

Oooh. Nice date. Nice guy.

Anonymous said...

awh how sweet! i can say i like this guy for you so far. what movie did you see?

Chaotically Calm said...

Sounds like a sweet date...can I call it a date? And what movie did y'all see...was it Precious? I'm still trying to see that movie people have told me it's a tear jerker.


He's a sweet person. Now that T-day is over, and he's back in town, we'll see whats in-store.

We did see Precious. Overall I liked the movie. A lot of friends and I have had discussions regarding it, but I really think it was done well.

Morgan said...

I like him. You sound like you were really relaxed with him, which is a good sign. You also didn't mention anything negative about him, the date, or how you felt on it, which is even better.

Sounds like a keeper...