Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Presents: Christmas Comes Early

So I have a few presents for my fellow bloggers, followers, secret crushes, and lovers (just kidding). Christmas is coming early for you!!!! Yeaaaa, um ok.

So I have been a busy little Diva. I've been on my grown-up stuff, so I haven't had much time for foolery, but I have had the pleasure of dropping a fun post over at True's spot What DC People Hate. She is pretty much raw & un-cut and says how she feels, but oh, so funny!!! Check her out, and follow her on twitter.

I didn't reveal all of my secrets, but I did drop a few hints on how to maximize multiple dates in one day!

Oh, and guess what, my gift-giving isn't over yet. I have something extremely fun in the works, that will shed a little more insight on what I do, when I'm not dating. Stay close to your BB's, cause I will be revealing it soon!

Stay dry.



Beer Drinker said...

So what are the early Christmas presents? Am I too late?

favorisntfair said...

Alrighty Ms. Diva! I always look forward to your entertaining posts


@ Beer, nope, you're too early!!! It's coming...

@ Favor, Thanks...I thought I only cracked myself up!!!

Journey said...

ill check it out