Monday, August 25, 2008

Cocky Guys

So last night I went to my friend Brian's place. A little background on Brian, I like him... a lot. We often send drunken text messages to each other. For example he sent me one Saturday at 3:30am. Although I didn't respond, ( I was in a half-coma) I knew he had me on the brain....both of them. There is a lot of sexual tension between us, however, aside from the occasional ass grab, we have never taken a ride on the far side.

The other thing about Brian is, he's the proverbial player type most women should avoid. He's cocky, arrogant, and has more female "friends with benefits" than Ben & Jerry's has ice cream flavors. So, why am I attracted to him? He's tall, sexy, and I will admit, sometimes his cockiness is sexy. However, under no circumstances will I divulge my feelings. Besides, it's kind of fun hanging out with him. To him, I come off as this flirtatious, playerette (so farfetched, I know), but it works!

So anyways, Brian's friend Mark from Nevada was visiting. He's average, a little over the top, but nice. We're sitting around eating, drinking, talking, texting and Mark pops the question, "So, can I get your number?"

Not only was I thrown off guard, giving my number to Mark, would be involuntary suicide. I mean, if that line were crossed, there would be no way in hell, that Brian & I could keep sending drunk one liner explicit text messages to each other.

Trying to think quickly on my toes, I responded, "Uh, you live in Nevada".

Mark: "So, there's technology, we can call, e-mail, text message, fly back and forth and see each other"

WTF? Oh my, this was difficult.

Me: "I don't do long distance."

Mark: " I didn't want your number anyways"

Me: "Whatever, yes you did"

Whew. So after ten seconds of awkward silence, we got back to normal. Although Mark did try to touch my leg & dance with me, I think he got the picture. Did I pass up a good guy? Possibly. But...I really don't do long distance relationships.


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